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Trying new things - Cooking for fun

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I have never been a cook or interested in cooking. Funny enough, I love watching cooking shows and food videos online. Probably because I am a food addict rather than a chef. With my life so far I pretty much only cook when my Dad is coming over to visit. I rarely cook for myself because I live alone and hate the cleanup afterward. Why dirty the dishes when I can grab some fried chicken at the deli or a bowl from Chipotle? This is the kind of thinking I am trying to get away from.

During this pre-op weight loss I am re-learning the types of food I should eat, specifically protein rich and low carb. I've done low fat, low sugar diets before. Having the emphasis on the high protein is new for me. I never realized I was not getting enough protein in my diet, but it makes sense once I think about how much pasta and rice and potato and breads I would usually gravitate toward. Meat was an after thought. But that is changing. I've been reading a lot of blogs and watching a lot of videos for food inspiration and recently I have been trying to cook some stuff at home that I can take to work for breakfasts and lunches.

My favorite thing to make, thus far, has been a chicken crust pizza. Very good and satisfied the pizza cravings while packing in the protein. Last night I tried making cauliflower cheesy breadsticks - dipped in marinara. Those were good too for a pizza craving. I will be trying both of those again because they were very easy to make. I tried making a cauliflower fried rice a couple months ago and I need to try that again. I wasn't happy with the flavor, but flavor can be changed with better spices and ingredients so I don't want to give up on that. Try, try again.

My other favorite thing to make is ANYTHING I can put in a muffin pan. Great portion control. Easy to refrigerate and heat up. I've made 3 different types of egg muffins - a savory Chinese-inspired egg foo yung cup, a fresh crab , spinach & egg cup, and a basic Ham, egg, veggie and cheese cup. All of them great for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners! I also made cheese stuffed turkey meatballs/mini-meatloafs. Those were fantastic.

Last weekend Dad was over and I baked some salmon filets. I forgot how much I love salmon! And it's SO easy to bake. I need to have more of that in my life.

I've never cooked for fun before. Cooking always seemed like drudgery but I am changing my mind about that. And as long as I do the dishes while the food is cooking/baking then I don't worry about the mess(I have to wash by hand, no dish-washer machine). And I mentally count it as activity points because I'm in the kitchen on my feet for a hour or so and not laying on the couch being a potato.

Ugh...don't think about potatoes. I miss potatoes. Is there such thing as low carb potatoes? I'll have to research that.


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It sounds like you are getting the hang of it!  My hubby travels a lot-I love my George Forman grill.  I could slap a frozen salmon fillet on it and it was done in 5 minutes-talk about fast food.  My other go to when I don't want to cook just for me is the rotisserie chicken at the store, I eat it for supper all week and he get the legs and thighs when he gets home.  Lately, chili has been tasting good.  That would be quick and easy to freeze.  Early out I craved pizza (we used to have homemade pizza night once a week) while on soft foods I put a little spoon of marinara on cottage cheese and microwaved it a little.  At least I got a taste of Italian;). 

Protein-think of it as 4 ounces of chicken doesn't crumble up-it tastes up space.  A sleeve of cracker (4 ounces) crumbles down to nothing and they have way more calories than the 4 ounces of protein!  Protein normally takes up way more space, is much lower in calories than carbs.  I still only see empty calories when I see pasta!  It's so high calorie and takes so much to fill you up.  My adult daughters have gotten into the veggetti "pasta".  3 of my girls wanted them at Christmas.  They use zucchini in place of pasta.  

Have you checked out Eggface.com?  It's a good wls recipe site.

good luck Theresa!


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Good for you! Keep in mind that your tastes are going to change a lot after surgery. Things you never liked you will love, things you love will make you sick. 

There's nothing wrong with picking up food from the deli. Instead of getting fried chicken I get a rotissiere chicken. My daughter usually eats the dark meat and I eat the breast. And then I can take the rest of the meat off and boil the carcass and make chicken soup.

Cooking for one person is a challenge. Be careful with the cooking shows. I never used to watch them and then this past year I started to because my daughter loves them so much and it calms her down. (We've been through some very stressful changes.) I found myself suddenly craving sugar and chocolate. It of course coincided with the holidays so people were bringing stuff into work. And I gained a few pounds and went "holy crap, this stuff is real!" 

If I'm going to watch a cooking show I have to remind myself before hand that I'm going to see things that aren't good for me and set the intention that I'm just watching from an outsider point of view. I lost the pounds I gained. But lesson learned! I'm almost to my three year mark and so far so good! 

I wish there were a cooking channel just for healthy food! 

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