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First Support Group Meeting

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Saturday morning I went to the monthly support group meeting at Swedish. It's the 2nd Saturday of every month and I am already looking forward to next month!

The group was comprised of both pre-op and post-op people. Some have been post op for just a few weeks and other have been post-op for a few years. A couple people were still waiting for their surgery dates and I was probably the newest person who still has a long wait ahead of them while I go through the MSWL.

The class was hosted by one of the dieticians and we had a guest speaker from the physical therapy group of the hospital to talk to us about exercise. We went over some basic stretching exercises and she gave us elastic workout bands for strength training to use at home. Dr. Sung was also there, but he was not conducting the class. He was just hanging out with all of us and answered a few technical questions for us. He is so funny and so passionate about his job. He impresses me more every time I get to talk to him. The fact that he wants to be there for his patients on a Saturday morning when he could be having a day off speaks volumes to his dedication. It was cool to see Dr. Sung right there with us using the exercise bands and getting in a good stretch.

After the exercise class we just did a round table discussion of anything and everything that people wanted to ask or share. It was fantastic having such a variety of patients there to learn from. One of the pre-op ladies asked how people made their decision between RNY and Sleeve and we got some answers from a few people. There was a gal who just had her sleeve surgery 2 weeks ago and she was super happy and feeling great. Very encouraging for us pre-op people who many be nervous. We talked about preparing for holiday food time and also talked about being prepared with food, snacks, and protein when you travel. I have a short trip coming up next month so that was helpful for me to think in advance of bringing some healthy foods with me, especially for the plane ride.

I have a basic checkup with my Primary doctor on Wednesday to see how my blood pressure is doing. And Friday I have my Psychiatric consult at the weight loss clinic. 2 weeks until my first 1-month weight check-in. Gotta keep rocking and rolling toward the goal.

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