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#SelfieLife or #SelfieLie



#SelfieLife #Beautiful #FaceBeat #EyebrowsonFleek etc, etc, etc!!!! 

How many times have I taken a gorgeous photo of my face, hair done, makeup done and posted it to my social media accounts? I can't even count at this point. But the truth is, what about the other portion of my body? Some may say I am "THICK" or "CURVY" or a little extra to hold on to… I pride myself on loose fitting tank tops to disguise the muffin top that I have gradually created for myself. Jeans? I forgot what those were! The thought of trying them on one leg at a time only to get to my hips and either JUMP, shake or suck in my gut to put them on has become a tiring task in its’ self. Leggings have become my new best friend along with flats. FLATS are the new high heel for fashion in my closet! Just the thought of squeezing my now chubby toes into a sexy 5-6 inch heel is tiring enough… Now, I just want everything to SLIDE N GLIDE… slide into my leggings and glide away in my flats… awe the simple life!

But is it really so simple? I have just been getting by and accepting the unhealthy physical change not even truly knowing that my mental has adjusted to this bad habit as well. I think that I secrete confidence and in reality I am disguising my pain and defeat. I wish I would have thought about it a while ago. I wish I would have known that my SELFIE is SELFLESS without my true worth being the  equivalent to the picture. This is NOT going to be an easy journey, but I can only pray that GOD gives me the strength and courage to make every appointment, to be sure to be as up forth and coming with all of my flaws, to be patient in the process. My goal is not to just be SKINNY! I want to be GREAT in all aspects and not just SLIDE and GLIDE thru life, but to be able to LIVE it…


Today I go to my 1st VGS seminar with DR. Douglas Khan… today marks the 1st day of my new life… My #SelfieLife will no longer be just a face, but a new self-image ALL THE WAY AROUND!


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Kudos to you for realizing that you were projecting something different than you were actually feeling. And kudos to taking the first step and going to the seminar. I was THRILLED to attend my seminar just a couple weeks ago. I'm just starting out too. Best of luck to you and I will be following you to watch your success!

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Welcome and great post.  Seeing ourselves for what we are/were is often the jolt we need to make lifelong change.  When I was obese I looked in the mirror and lied to myself about it being muscle while sucking in my gut.  What a ridiculous lie that was.  Congrats on your revelation, its a good start to your journey.

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This is where I was too when I started. Jeans and heels were out of the picture, I wore heels to work this week! Good luck to you and be sure to reach out with questions and for support. It can be a confusing, but so rewarding, ride.

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More power to you if you can rock those heels some day! I have too much ankle pain from a previous break, sadly. 

It's so nice to be able to wear nice jeans and calf boots, and look cute! But more than that, it's the freedom to run up a flight of stairs, to play with my daughter, go ice skating, go to the dr for something and not have them lecture me about my weight, go to the pool and not feel totally self conscious. Hopefully in the future your selfies will be of you doing fun things and enjoying life while you are rocking those jeans! 

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