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Getting There



Well, 7 days on the liquid diet. I have the hang of it now that I  have  found proteins I can tolerate and not make me feel ill.

Believe it or not I am using SlimFast's new higher protein line. My nut is not in love with it but realizes it is better than nothing.

So, I  have  a  few protein sources I use:

Bariatric Source hot chocolate

Isolate clear grape drink

SlimFast extra protin ready made and powders in good old fashion vanilla and chocolate. 

Next Friday is my day. I can hardly wait! Wednesday I'll be spending the entire day with classes and meetings. Not looking forward to it but you have to do what you have to do!!

After that, I  start the next leg of my journey.  I pray for me what I  pray for us all....may our new path of this journey is smooth with few bumps along the way. May we all have a quick recovery! !!


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