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Before and After Pics???



Hi!  Next week I will be having the sleeve surgery.  I have been debating with myself on whether or not to keep before pictures of myself.  I honestly don't want to remember or see how big I really am.  However, looking at all the before and after pics of people, it is amazing the transformation that people have gone through and achieved.  Does anyone have thoughts about this? 

As for body measurements, I know my weight but don't really care for the rest.  Should I take measurements too?

As for my clothing, I am throwing out anything that no longer fits me as I lose weight.  It seems if I keep it, I end up back in them again.  I am ending this yo-yo cycle on October 17th.  I think I am just stressing about everything right now. 


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I agree with Cinwa, take pics and take measurements.  The pics will be a visual representation of how you're doing and the measurements will help when you're not seeing results but know they are happening by your measurements going in the right direction.

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Thank you for your input.  I am going to take pictures this weekend before Monday, surgery day!  I believe I am ready for it.  Nervous no doubt but in the end it will be worth it.  Thank you again.

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I would not have thought to do it, but my sister insisted I take pictures along the way.  She lives in another state, but wanted to be able to see my progress.  I'm so glad she did.  It was very encouraging to see the transformation for myself and the visual impact of the pictures overshadowed any numbers on the scale.  Even now, almost 3 years out, my "before" pictures are my number one motivation when maintenance gets tough.

And other than one pair of before jeans, I got rid of every piece of clothing as I shrunk out of it.  I was THAT sure I Would never need them again.  But those fat jeans help me realize just how far I've come!  Good luck with everything!

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9 hours ago, ThinCVT said:

Even now, almost 3 years out, my "before" pictures are my number one motivation when maintenance gets tough.


For the above reason I took before pictures- I had read on one of the posts of a Sleever taking before photos, having it blown up to poster size and then listing all of the reasons why they wanted the surgery in the first place on the poster before hanging it on the bathroom wall. Every weigh in they refer to the reasons and see the photo.

I went a step further and shot several videos of myself doing various things poorly like walking up stairs, talking after trying to walk, or just trying to get from a to z- all painful, slow and quite frankly embarrassing.

I can tell you I am 4 months out and 100lbs down and have already started to 'forget' just how bad it was at my heaviest- I don't ever want to become complacent with the gift of the surgery so I use the photos and the videos to remind me where I was and where I will NEVER get back to again and why it was important to me to have the surgery to get my life back.

I would recommend before photos if for no other reason to show yourself how far you have come

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Definitely take before photos! I also took my waist measurement (wish I had done more) and it's a great thing to be able to put a tape measure around- holding it out to my previous 46" -just to remind myself where I started, and how far I've come.

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