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Oh Boy the surgery date in getting closer



HI!  I have been getting ready for the sleeve surgery, October 17th.  It used to seem so far away and now its next week.  I am having ups and downs about the surgery.  Basically, should I do it and is it truly the answer for me.  I have my family and friends support but some with reserve.  Some still think that I should just stick to a diet.  Well if I could diet long term I would not be going to a surgeon for help. 

I believe I am just thinking to much today about it.  I went to my aunt and uncle's house for a turkey dinner which hit the spot.  I called it my early Thanksgiving meal minus all the additional items that we have on that day.  I am completely full and I can't stand the feel, uncomfortable really. 


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Welcome and congrats on your pending surgery.  It will be great to welcome you to the losers bench.  People will have their opinions about whether you should have the surgery or not.  They usually mean well but don't understand that we understand terrible feeling on repeated regain that we wouldn't do this if it wasn't a last resort.

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