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I don't know why. But i have always had problems with stalls. 
I was never built a thin person. I have always had a little extra on the sides. That followed me through my chilhood, and up to my teens, where i did something about it. 

I started taking Ephedra and Coffein, plus i joined i Gym. Then it started to go quick. 
I was nearly down on my ideal weight with no stalls really. But as soon as i stopped with the pills, i regained. 
I continued taking them as long as i could. But then i could not more. My head would not allow it. I began to experience anxiety and stress. 
After that i was put on a SSRI. And i really began to gain weight. I stopped with them, but i could never loose weight as i could before. 
Maybe i just got older, and my metabolism changed. I don't know. 

But in five years, with many attempts. I have tried to loose weight, and get under 118 kg's. But never succeeded. There is something that is stopping it there. It's like i hit a brick wall every time.
No matter what i eat, no matter how many months. It just doesn't matter. 

But now i have had the surgery, and i'm almost down there. And i'm stalling again. I have stalled for over a week. Almost two now. 


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Embrace the stall.  It happens to everyone.  Your weight loss will look more like a step graph than it will a download slope.  You'll loose, then you'll stall to let your body catch up.  Then you'll loose more.

Since your surgery was on 13/9/2016, that puts you smack in the middle of the week 3  stall!  Embrace it, and just know, that it does break and you'll start losing again.


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Hi!  Hang in there, it will change soon so just keep on track.  Maybe stop weighing yourself for a bit and try looking at positive.  Try on your clothes to see what fits, list what new things have happened, go to the spa for a facial, and try to go with the flow so your body and mind can catch up.  You are doing great! 

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You are experiencing the most famous stall on the planet.....the 3 week stall.  Google it and you will find hundreds of posts about it on a dozen different WLS forums.  My advice is stay off the scale for at least a month and concentrate on getting 60-80g of protein, 100+ ounces of fluids and staying away from carbs.  if you do, I guarantee this stall will end.  But it also will not be your last.  It's just the way it goes and all you can do is stay on plan.  Start taking body measurements and pay attention to the fit of your clothes.  Keep a journal of your NSVs.  These are the things I remember about my journey, not the numbers on the scale.  Good got this!

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