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Pre-assessment today and pre-op diet starts tomorrow...this is feeling very real now

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A fortnight today and I'll be needing everyone to shove up on the losers bench to make room for me 

I followed my pre-pre op diet for 3 days and sent what I had eaten through to the the thumbs up that my vegan plan was spot on, so I'll stick with similar and maybe make some seitan for a different texture if I feel I need it. I'm so relieved as I was anticipating a bit of a battle to stick to my eating choices with low carb so readily found in meat, but she seems genuinely interested and excited in learning about different ways which is great!

Pre assessment was today and I met with the anaesthetist, nurses and physiotherapist. Apparently I am super low risk which is a relief to hear...I feel a bit sorry for my poor old body that it is working so hard to be healthy in spite of my hideously bad eating habits and weight...ah well, in a fortnight it will get its apology and its life will become so much easier! 

Bloods done (what a mess my arm is after...i've never had that before!), ECG done, a million questions answered, MRSA tests done, weight done (I've been the same for about 2 months now...why am I great at maintaining but exclusively when overweight),  physiotherapy common sense information given, but most of all a good confidence boost has been delivered.

I went in an anxiety fuelled mess ready to tell them to forget it...and came out laughing, positive and confident in the team looking after me. I have officially progressed from dread to scared excited...that is a very important thing to have happened. 

Going in on my own on the day of the operation...train from home at 1007, admitted 1145, operation 1330 chuffed to be first in line!! 


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