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Pre-pre op diet required...23 days to go

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Double thumbs up from the psychiatrist and dietician for the go-ahead!

I felt the psychiatrist appointment was a bit of a tick in the box essential...nothing gained at either end I don't think...

The dietician was great and really enthusiastic to learn about the vegan lifestyle and foods which I would be having...she has never had anyone on a plant diet having bariatric surgery, so it's all new for her. She was really surprised at the ability to eat very low carb and high protein as required...thank goodness for me having done TONS of homework beforehand, so had all the info at my fingertips. She was especially pleased with the pea protein isolate I had found which has less that 1g of carbs and a whopping 82g of protein per 100g.

Because this is unchartered territory for her, I have to do a 4 day pre-pre op to ensure my carb intake will be low enough for the pre-op stage which will begin 10 days before surgery. 

Thankfully, it seems that the foods I should be eating pre-op are all things I eat and enjoy already...seems ridiculous that I am so heavy that I need surgery to weight manage. 

I will be adding photos of the information sheets I was given about diet pre and post operation. They are shockingly basic and I am not surprised that people regain weight through poor choices with that as their sole source of info. Thank goodness for the learning and wake-up calls I have had on here!

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