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Honeymoon with Minnie

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Just to catch up my blog that I promised myself I would keep.

I'm getting into the groove of bariatric eating. I'm still in the soft food stage, so I can't eat jerky or nuts, etc; but I'm finding my way. Chicken has been my worst experience. I named my pouch Minnie. She does not like anything about chicken and she sends it right back up the pipe. Minnie prefers cottage cheese and Greek yogurt.

I'm feeling more energy and happier overall. I'm still having difficulty walking due to balance and leg problems from neuropathy, but I hope it continues to improve. Aqua aerobics are great. I can move like a normal person in the water. I had to buy a smaller swim skirt and new underwear, but am otherwise shopping in my vast closet of things that haven't fit in forever.

So all in all, everything is going great. I'm trying to remain mindful to embrace the honeymoon period and make as much progress as I can.

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Hi, I am 8 days post op. My surgeon wants protein drinks, Popsicles, sugar free jello, power aid zero, unsweetened or artificially sweetened tea or coffee, low sodium chicken broth, and water for 6 weeks post op. It is tough. I don't like the broth. I did make some thin mashed potatoes and took just a few bites, without any problems. It helps to read other people's experiences. Glad you are doing well. My biggest problem is still gas pains and left sided soreness. I had a hiatal hernia repair too. 

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I just joined and am 36 days post op, also had the hiatal hernia repair.  I'm still safe with yogurt and cottage cheese.  My problem is pain in between my shoulder blades every time I swallow.  Do you have this?  DON'T try to eat too early, it will just make you feel super nauseous and horrible gut pain.  I've sat up all night in the recliner cuz I tried popcorn way too soon.  Good luck!

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