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Wibbley Wobbley Time



Now I am four weeks out from RNY surgery. I was allowed to go back to my aqua aerobics this week, which makes me happy, but I feel like I'm not doing this right. My Nut recommended using an app to track food. I found a fun app with a cute avatar that slims down with me and I earn clothes for her by using the app. Unfortunately, it doesn't track protein. Blarghhh. Useless.

I haven't figured out what to eat for a soft diet. I haven't had any major incidents that landed me in the hospital, but I keep poking at my poor pouch to find out what will and won't work. Unfortunately, I found that I do not dump when I eat wrong things. This has led to sneaking a few bad bites here and there. Every day I tell myself I won't go off track, but then I find myself sneaking something in. It is very frustrating. I want to do this right. I stopped going to Weight Watchers after my umpteenth time a few years ago because I knew too many ways to break the diet. Most of those ways were learned in meetings from other members.

I've been reading these boards a lot. I need to make some changes:

1.)  I need to make a break from carbs. That might be what is giving me cravings and wandering eyes.

2.)  I need to hold myself accountable to physically write down every nibble. I'm not an app person. I'm Generation X, not Generation Nose Stuck to my Iphone.

3.) I need to hit my targets for water and protein every day.I need to find my groove with eating and drinking. It is still hard not to drink while I eat.

There are more areas to get better, but I can't do everything at once. I need to be nicer to my pouch. I'd like to name it like some people on here have. I will work on a name.

So I will report back on my progress in a few days.



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HI there,

I had my surgery on May 27.  One of the sites that I found super helpful was the worldaccordingtoeggface.com  She has put so much into her site as to what works and it is great. I love carbs.........one of the things she said that I hold close when craving them is how carbs like bread are just a vehicle to deliver the good stuff.  Think about it.  Bread and pasta deliver the stuff we love.  You can substitute pasta with zuchinni noodles and do peanut butter and jelly on apples.  We have to get creative and there are tons of resources.  I have been making protein ice cream and that is amazing.   I was a frequent flyer at weight watchers and lost and gained 50 to 60 pounds each time i joined.  For me I have been overweight for about 20 years since I had my son.  The decision to have surgery has been on again off again for about 14 years.  I wanted to do it by myself but I wasn't.  I think it is important to take yourself back to your why's ........Why did you want to get surgery?  What was important to you to get to this step and change your life.  We are worth it but our minds self sabotage and that's the biggest hurdle I think is the space between our ears.

Things that have been helpful to me are my protein shakes.  I know everyday I am getting my 40-60 grams of protein in that way.  Scrambled eggs and greek yogurt are great soft foods.  Oikos zero or the lit and fit ones work well too.  Also vitamins.  I have a big pink weekly container that I fill so I know I am getting those supplements in which makes me less overwhelmed. Refried beans with cheese are easy and yummy too.

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Mark the Nerd, You are Awesome! I really needed that. And with my favorite Doctor! I'm verklempt!!

I am doing better. I'm getting my water in. I'm getting my proteins in (most days). I have been making better choices and finding things I like to eat. My mainstays are Greek yogurt (Tillamook Chai Tea), cottage cheese, and eggs. I saw my PCP today and have lost 15# in the past month. He was very happy with me. The nurse was surprised that I had had my surgery because I hadn't been in with complications like a lot of their other patients with wls.

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Good for you! Time flies and you'll be at goal before you know it. Finding those mainstays is really important--mine change from month to month but I always have something that's my go-to. Having something healthy and protein-rich to fall back on makes sticking with a plan a lot easier. Mine are eggs (fried and hard-boiled), jerky, ground meats, meat in general, and cheese.

He's your favorite Doctor because he's the best Doctor.

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