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6 mo follow-up doc visit



Today was my 6 month post-op doctor's visit. It was the first time I had seen Dr. Hamad since my ER visit in February. I have had regular check-ins with Nurse Judy, but I was anxious to hear what Dr. Hamad would say.

I'm pleased to report that I am down 76 lbs from my heaviest! My BMI is 26.9 and my doctor says I'm doing great! When I asked her what she had in mind for my goal weight, she said they encourage us to be lower than a 25 BMI to be considered healthy. I asked her if my goal weight of 130 lbs was realistic (I'm 5'2"), and she said of course it is. But that my body would start to slow down losing weight as I get closer to its ultimate place. I asked her how do I 'maintain' once I'm there, and she said "well, it's just a matter of calories in and calories out at that point". Your tool does wonders but your new lifestyle is really the goal.

She wanted to know what my exercise consisted of, what I was eating, if I was getting in my protein and water. I told her that chicken and I had a horrible relationship because every time I eat it, it gets stuck and I have to throw up. She sympathized but said I may never be able to eat chicken in the way I had before. That makes me sad since it is such a staple protein.

AND I asked her if my hair loss will ever stop, and she assured me it would. "You won't go bald, I promise. And if you hadn't told me, I never would have noticed." That makes me feel better, but I really wish I could stop pulling handfuls of hair out of my brush every morning. 

All in all, feeling great and moving great (even with a bad arthritic knee). I will keep repeating it ad nauseum: best decision I ever made.


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There are different goal weights, you surgeon has one that is tracked so your surgery can be considered successful or not, my psychologist had another in mind and my own was a third different number.

When I told my psychologist that my goal was 199, he said that realistically 230 would be a better target. I immediately responded that it was my goal and not his.

39 months later, I've got 10 pounds to go. This is not as close as I've been, having been as low as 205, but since then I've had a few gusts to 215 or 220, that I managed to reverse. I've lost 11 pounds in the last month after being stuck between 215 and 220 for a very long time.

Chicken and eggs took a couple of years for me. Both are easier now if they are wet, moist, or have tomato sauce.

Try chicken soup or chicken stew, I've been able to eat both all along. The crock pot is great for stew.

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I can eat chicken if it's in stew or soup, but the chicken straight from the grill is a no-go. I hope in a few years it is different. I agree with you about goal weight. I have a number in my head (130) and only 17 more pounds to get there. I have been less than that in my life but then I start getting the "are you alright" comments so I know that means I'm too skinny. I am honestly grateful that this tool works as long as you follow the rules. 

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For me, I also wanted to get into the 130's. I am 4 years out this September and have been steady at 140. Occasionally I get down to 137 but I am convinced that this is where I am probably going to stay. I guess being considered overweight by the BMI chart is not as important anymore.  

Don't get me wrong, if I could lose another 5-10 pounds I would be elated, but that being said, I am happy and healthy.

Best of luck to you!


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