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Drumming my fingers

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The meeting with the surgeon last Friday went well. We decided that the RNY would be the best choice for me. All of my tests came out well, so everything is moving along. They submitted the plan to insurance. Now I wait for insurance to okay things, then I will move on to Phase Three and get a surgery date. When I get a date, I will start the very low calorie diet. I am still trying to follow the plan I have been on the past six months. I don't want to do a farewell tour of bad things to eat, but I have slipped a few extra bites in here and there. Mainly from nerves, I think. Fingers crossed, I hope they call sooner than later.

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One thing that can help speed up insurance approval is for you to open a case with your insurance company and start working with a case manager. Then they have a case to attach the prior authorization request to. Exciting times.

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