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Fast forwarding in slo-mo to Phase 3

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Whew! I am getting to the next level. I have completed my six month pre-op diet for insurance and all of the medical appointments for the surgeon's office. All my boxes are checked with good results. Today they called me to set up my appoint with the actual surgeon. This Friday!! An all day appointment/class with my support person in tow. I am thrilled/terrified. I am so inspired by so many people on this forum and can't wait to join you on the loser's bench. I can't believe it's moving toward becoming a reality. It has been a hazy target in the distance, but now, OMG, I see the surgeon on Friday!!

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I have reviewed your posts and I have enjoyed and felt like I could relate to each one,  It seems to me you have done the work and that you will be the perfect candidate for this tool.  Best of luck and thank you for sharing

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