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Protein Drinks, and Protein Drinks and so on ...

Valerie Rose


 I had VSG surgery on March 25, 2016 and I am 1 day shy of 2 weeks post op. My last weight in was April 1st, I was down 9lbs from my surgery day weight….hooray!  My phase 1 post-op, which lasted 4 days, consisted of drinking 8 fl. Ounces (4oz 100% fruit juice diluted w/4oz water) every two hours.  I was able to drink a lot, which kind of concerned me since the nutritionist said it would be difficult to do, due to smaller stomach and rawness from the surgery.  I told my surgeon of my ability to drink so much water, but he didn’t seem concerned.  I’m now 1 week into Phase 2, 4 protein drinks a day and lots of water in between and I am so over the liquid stages!  I still have 7 days left of phase 2 before I can move onto the pureed stage and I can’t wait…how pathetic.  Also I’m having an issue with feeling full.  It’s weird, because I don’t think I’m hungry, but I’m not quite sure.   I know that makes no sense. I’ve read a lot about head hunger so maybe that the problem.  However, I’m drinking lots of water and sticking to the program.  I can’t wait to start Phase 3.  I never thought I would ever be so excited about eating pureed food. My hope is that once I start eating real (well relatively real) food, I will be better able to distinguish between actually being hungry and just having head hunger.  I apologize for whining so much.  I should end this by stating that I’m still very excited and happy I had the surgery and am looking forward to being healthy both physically and mentally. 

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