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Six Month Mark: Century Club

Sue Dohnim


I have lost a bit over 100 pounds - Century Club! Well, how do you like that? I wasn't even paying attention; Dr F told me about it at my six month checkup yesterday. And even better, I'm 11 pounds away from Onederland!!! B*tchin' A!!! WOOHOO!!!!!


The Doc is super happy about my progress. Liver and kidney function is perfect, sugars and proteins are where they need to be, and the rate of weight loss is beautiful. Can't ask for more than that. The only stick in the mud is my persistent anemia - "you've had enough iron treatments to kill a horse," said he, and my levels still suck. However, I'm under the care of a specialist for it - they're happy with the slow upward trend. Very slow, but upward. I've put my IV iron on hiatus until the move to our new house is done. I cannot burn entire mornings right now. As soon as the move is done, I'll schedule them again. 

The bummer is that I told Dr F I need a referral for a doctor further north - we've built a new house about 25 miles north of our current abode, which would make the drive to downtown Austin a living hell (plus paying for parking!!) for a ten minute checkup where Dr F basically makes the sign of the cross over me and moves along. So he's bumping me to one of his partners in Round Rock. It sucks - I really like Dr F, but my drive time is already insane and I can't add to it. 

Ah yes, moving house - I could NOT do this at this time last year. I think I really was ill and sliding downhill last March. There is no way I could do the interminable runs up to the new town, carry stuff in the house and put it away, and so forth. I actually moved the filing cabinet by myself! That's a hell of a milestone (almost putting me back to my old self that used to move a baby grand piano by myself at my parents' house). I also put in waterbars the other day (and will put in more tomorrow) because the stupid landscapers don't know how to grade a slope, and I have to do something before a big storm system moves in this weekend; I don't want the erosion to undermine the driveway. Here again, something I could NOT have done last year in my crummy state of health.

I had my first episode of insta-puking - not sure what it was I did, but holy cow did I feel awful. All that came up (sorry, TMI) was a bit of water and tiny bits of vegetable - not a full-on puke. It's like my sleeve said "Nope, just enough to be too much, get out of here." The lead-up to the puke was the worst; I thought I was going to die. So when someone tells you "You'll know when you eat too much," it's true, very very true. It's unmistakable. It's flippin' miserable. Ugh.

Hair loss has slowed tremendously and it's starting to grow back in... but my hair is now limp and unhappy. Hate it. Gotta talk to my stylist about that.

I can pretty much eat anything except sugar substitutes, as they make me dump. I avoid pasta and bread (indulging in one crouton in a salad here and there). The bad thing is that I discovered I can eat regular ice cream and Skinny Cow i.c. sandwiches, and they must be banned from my presence permanently. I also have learned that I can eat popcorn like no tomorrow, but HEB has these mini bags of their organic popcorn and I'll eat that. They're not that salty at all, though all microwave popcorn with the palm oil isn't all that great for anyone. I have an aversion to protein drinks, which is bad; I think I'm having problems with whey protein (sour aftertaste) so I need to get some soy or veg powder and play with that after the move. I can't have deep fried anything - I don't dump, or puke, but it sure doesn't feel good going down. I tried eating chicken strips - the chicken was of fantastic quality and very tasty, but the inherent oil/grease because of the cooking method killed it for me. Boo. It also knocks out tortilla chips with salsa and that really sucks. I don't miss a lot of other deep fried things I used to eat, but with these two, it's hard. /sadpanda

I have been very lucky and blessed - I have a supportive spouse and a selective circle in the know, I had an uncomplicated surgery and recovery, and not a lot of post-operative sensitivities or issues. That said, it's still not an easy road. It's easy to slip off the wagon, and easy to skip meals when you're super busy - both of these things are bad, mmmkay? Don't be a Mr Bungle.

(nothing like mixed metaphors/memes/references, eh?)

But I'm not done. I have a goal once I'm in Onederland: horsemanship lessons. I always wanted to do that, and the heavier I got, the further away it seemed. Now it's so close I can taste it. Once the move is done and everyone's settled, I can look into that. I'm so very excited!! I also want to start tai-chi to help with my balance and flexibility, and our new city offers it at their community center. I'm thinking eventually I'll get into Crossfit or something, but not yet - I don't think I'm ready to put my bad knees through that yet.

Thank you all for your support! See you on the board!


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So was reason for hair loss too little protein? I've heard that can cause it? I'm pre surgery, checking in to all of this, trying to get approval. 

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