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This is an incredibly specific topic but I wanted to write a quick blog about it before I forget, so it can be searchable for people in the future. The thing about PCOS is that doctors still aren't completely comfortable with it and there's still a great deal to learn and research.

I am about 16 days away from having my VSG and had my pre-op lab work done a few days ago. I had an elevated white blood cell count (12.3 normal range is 4.0-10.0), and Eosinophils, which is basically a type of white blood cells, were at 5 and normal range is 1-4, and my ANC- Absolute neutrophil count, which is basically the total number of WBC in your system, was at 8.0 and normal range is 1.6-7.0.

Of course the first thing that came to my mind was the big C, closely followed by, OH NO THEY'RE GOING TO POSTPONE MY SURGERY! But I started doing some research and after consulting with Dr.Google, I found some interesting information.

I found a study that basically says women with PCOS typically have an elevated WBC. Read the abstract here; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23820138 

And another very similar study where they found that the WBC, Neutrophil count, and leukocyte count were all much higher in women with PCOS. Read the abstract here; http://www.medscape.com/medline/abstract/21417649

Basically it looks like it boils down to the inflammation associated with PCOS.

Like say, I just wanted to put this information out there in case some panicked soul like me needs to read it.





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one of the most important  diagnostic skills is to learn not to diagnosis anything with one blood test.

the correct way to evaluate the current CBC with older ones to see if there are any changes. If you treat someone based on one blood test, you might be treating a"pseudo" positive test and cause more harm than good.

People with IgE mediated allergies(pollen, dust, trees, grass etc) usually have an elevated eosinophil count.

A new PCP was going to send me to a hematologist because my WBC was at 3,000. He called me about the results and said in the morning he would get an emergency hematology consult. I told him not to get his knickers in a twist because the highest my WBC has ever been in my entire life is 3,500.

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