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-Moved into the new house mid- January and so happy too! It is much more space and so quite here. It is great to wake up to nothing but sunlight and well, the baby singing to herself in her room.

-Husband got a new car which will cost less in taxes and cleaner for the air so that is nice. Also a quite. Never knew how much noise that diesel made over the Prius.

-Got my sexy workout clothes at last and........they are in a size small from H&M! I am a small! I really need to keep things up if I am going to stay in those clothes because temptation is everywhere. It is so hard to keep passing that damn candy store, they have mint cookies and I love mint. It is rare to have mint ice cream and cookies here so the fact they sell them makes it super hard. I decided to order some mint extract and try to make my own mint chocolate sugar free cookies.


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