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Dehydration and Allergies



I'm currently about 7 1/2 weeks out from gastric bypass, and I can say that I am finally feeling normal. I changed up my multi-vitamin (Eco Blast drink found at Costco), and my B12 (no more chewables, yuck) and my NUT wants me to get all my protein from food, not from supplements like shakes or powder. So I am doing ok in that department.

What I wasn't prepared for was a combination of dehydration and allergies. I was only getting in about 48 oz of water a day, and even that was difficult. So one night about a week ago, nothing was sitting right--I was vomiting everything I tried to get down, including water. The next morning I thought it would be a good time to start over, try to get in a protein shake in the morning as a breakfast supplement, and then my tuna salad for lunch, cheese stick for snack, etc. I vomited all that up too and when I called my doctor's office, it was strongly encouraged that I get into the ER. I drove there and they started an IV right away and ordered a CT scan. CT scan looked clear but they admitted me overnight to make sure I could keep down clear foods. The doctor asked if my vomit had mucus in it, and I said yes it was always mucus-y, and she thought I should add Zyrtec to my daily regime as well. As soon as I took Zyrtec in the hospital everything started feeling better. I could keep food down. The doc said that often post-nasal drip cannot be processed well by pouches and so it sits there making it upset.

Not a fun lesson to learn, but one I'm glad I caught early on. 


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