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For just a second today, I thought about quitting.

I received my official surgery letter, along with a two sheets of appointment dates (pre-op and post-op) and the instructions for my liquid diet. I took one long hard look at it and thought, "This sucks!"

My liquid diet begins February 11th, and will last for FOUR weeks. So imagine my horror when I saw that the liquid diet is a VERY strict, clear liquids only plan. Four weeks of clear liquids... it's hard for me to imagine that right now. I cannot put myself in a mind space where that's my reality.

My last weigh in I was at 245. Right now I'm weighing in at 249-250. My nutritionist told me today that at he start of my liquid diet, I cannot be above the weight I was at my last weigh in (in November). SO! I'll have to lose 5ish pounds in a little less than a month. I'm sure this is doable but again, it sucks! I have to try and stick to a diet the month before I seriously diet.

All the appointments are scheduled for early afternoons. I work nights so any appointment that takes place when the sun is out is inconvenient really. I had a choice of Monday or Wednesday afternoons (for weekly clinic weigh in's during my liquid diet) , I choose Mondays, I got Wednesdays. But, six of one half dozen of the other, terrible timing is terrible timing.

All in all I just feel very overwhelmed by every aspect of my pre-op phase.

But yes, I know it's all worth it. And no, I won't quit, I've come way too dang far! But today is not a positive day, today I feel like this all sucks... alot.


Final thought- People who say surgery is the lazy or easy way out, truly have no idea what they're talking about.


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I also work graveyard shift, so I feel your pain there.  Daytime appointments are a pain in the rear end!

For my pre-surgery diet, I had to do the following:

3 protein shakes per day with less than 200 calories, no more than 5g sugar per shake (I used Premier Protein shakes, prefer the chocolate flavor, they're cheapest on Amazon, and are 160 calories and only 1g sugar).  1 Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine frozen meal per day (my choice of what the meal was, I used Lean Cuisine, varied which meals I selected so I wasn't eating the same thing every day). 1 serving of non-starchy raw or steamed vegetables per day (they gave me a list of vegetables that qualified as "non-starchy," but this can be easily looked up online - I mostly ate carrots, jicama, and broccoli).

I had to do this diet for 2 weeks, to help ensure my liver was small.  I ended up losing over 10lbs in that 2 weeks.  It wasn't a FUN diet (I LIVED for the moments when I got to eat those Lean Cuisine meals) but it was far from the worst diet I've ever been on, and hoo boy, did it work!  You might try this for getting your weight down before your own pre-surgery clear liquids diet.

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The pre-op diet is a drag for all of us. No way around it. I was on 2 weeks of a liquid diet. No solid food of any kind, only protein shakes and clear, sugar free liquids. The first 2 days weren't fun mainly due to caffeine withdraws. However, after that I was very surprised to find that the diet was much easier than I expected. I think having a super clear and basic eating plan made eating simpler. The biggest decision I had to make was what flavor shake to drink. I also wasn't nearly as hungry as I thought I'd be which reinforced how important protein is to staving off hunger.

You are completely correct; people who say that weight loss surgery is the lazy or easy way out have no idea what they're talking about.

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I already dread the protein shakes.  I tried them when my fiance was supposed to use them and didn't like them at all. I've learned some tricks that I will try, like making up a batch the night before so it can really dissolve and get nice and cold.  And of course everyone has a different brand to recommend!  I am trying not to worry about it and just deal with it when it gets here...can't honestly do anything else!

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On ‎2‎/‎21‎/‎2016 at 9:04 PM, soummer said:

 I am trying not to worry about it and just deal with it when it gets here...can't honestly do anything else!

Exactly. Don't do like I did and build it up to something terrible, because (honestly its pretty terrible the first few days lol) you'll have plenty of time to be miserable about it when it's happening. But I'm alive! It's halfway over and if I can do it, anybody can do it :)

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