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One month after surgery update!



I haven't been on this forum much these past two weeks as I'm getting back to work after the surgery on Dec. 11 and the holidays.

I hit my 4 wks out on Jan 8 and weighed myself that morning and found a 197 on the scale!! The first time I've seen the Onederland in over ten years. So that's a total of 26 lbs from my highest weight when starting this journey.

I've been feeling alternately ok and weak. I get my protein in, and liquids, but I have absolutely no hunger so I have to push myself to eat my meals. I've found that a Premier Protein drink for breakfast is usually the easiest way for me to wake up. And I miss the taste of savory things so I made that delicious ricotta bake found on theworldaccordingtoeggface's blog and it was incredibly delicious. But the most I'm able to eat is about  a 1/2 c of food and since I'm still in the pureed stage, that means lots of yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese, hummus, etc.

There is a pain in my right side, near a rib, and it's where the drain was. It hasn't gone away yet so the nurse recommended warm compresses/heating pad to help with the pain. I have my monthly follow-up appointment on Jan 11 so I'll have that checked out as well.

Hope everyone's journey has been going great!

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Congratulations on seeing that 1 on the scale!

How does it feel to not be hungry? It's hard for me to imagine honestly.

How long did you have to have a drain(s) in for? Still pre-op over here.


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