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Two prune-y thumbs up for water aerobics!

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So, I'm putting along in my 6-month pre-op course. I have to lose about 20 lbs to meet the insurance's requirements. As of yesterday, I have lost 22. (Insert cheers and marching band music here). I have made my peace with eating more vegetables and haven't been craving sweets like I used to. Getting through the holidays is a little more challenging, as there are so many goodies everywhere. I have had a few bites of favorites here and there as a sort of  going away party.

I started water aerobics this week. My NUT had made that my goal for this check in.  I had been so afraid to try the class. For several years, my legs have been very weak and painful with the tendency to go numb after I'm on them more than a few minutes. I didn't know if I would be able to tolerate moving around that much. My problem is nerve damage and that pain, which is more of a "I'll haunt you later tonight and for days to come" pain that a hurts in-the-minute pain. It's so wonderful to be able to move around in the water.

The classes are forty five minutes long. I went at my own pace and adjusted a few steps, but I lasted the whole class three times this week! (bring the marching band back through for another lap). I hate getting out at the end, because it feels like gravity had tripled. Yesterday, I broke new frontiers in fashion by wearing both a bra and tank top under my swimsuit. It definitely made it more comfortable to bounce up and down with less "bouncing up and down" and feeling more securely covered.  I am still figuring out the logistics about using the locker room, because I'm very modest and had some bad locker room experiences back in school.

Overall, it's two prune-y thumbs up for the water aerobics!


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