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I have a friend who uses a sleep tracker to see times she is in REM, slightly awake, awake and other. I am thinking of downloading it because something is off lately with my sleep. I wake up so tired. As I laid awake in bed this morning, dreading getting up, maybe I can keep my son at home today. Just call in sick so I can get some rest. But that would have been a dirty lie. No one is sick, I would have no rest with two active kids in the house and school in important.

One thing I do know is that the baby wakes up at 5 am just about everyday. I can hear her crying, go check on her, no she doesn't want water or to be hugged or anything. If I leave her then within 10 minutes or less she is back to sleep. Problem is my husband gets up and makes a bunch of noise. It is an ONGOING issue with him. He is like a damn bull in a chine store. I got to get this man to be more quite at 6 am.

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