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First visit to the Nut office.

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So, I really enjoy thinking of my dietician's office as the Nut office. snerk.  I met my Nut today and we set out the first steps of my six-month monitored diet program. I was nervous that she would have some strict, difficult set of rules to follow, but she developed the diet around what worked for me. I feel like this will be doable. I see her again in two weeks. I have to lose 20 lbs in six months. Fingers crossed. Here we go . . .

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I am glad that I am not the only one that sees the dietician's office and think that person is a nut ..Every session I have her has good and bad points. Last time in particular, I was worried her guidelines were too strict or she was just trying drive me nuts. But I have taken her advice somewhat and have another appointment with her next week and I think part of her problem is not me its just she overworked.  Stick in there you will be stronger and healther person in the long run.images.thumb.jpg.743c9a50022a3f5480d9141

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