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Inches lost since March (though not from highest)



Very unscientific measurement here, I didn't actually take my measurements before I had surgery and I've been doing my own measuring since then, so the results could be skewed by the way I stand each time (haha!) (also my chart making skills are lacking without a spreadsheet)

body 03/26/14 06/28/14 change

Neck 13 13.3 -0.3

waist 38 36 2

hips 42 37 5

left thigh 21.5 20.5 1

right thigh 22 20.5 1.5

left arm 12 11.5 0.5

right arm 12.5 12 0.5

upper belly 42 38.5 3.5

bra band 36 35 1

Breast 43 38 5

Total 282 262.3 19.7 (inches lost)

This is why taking measurements is so important! While I feel blah, and don't see the changes, my "upper belly" has lost 3.5 inches alone since March! (the upper belly is the part that sticks out over my waist in the photo attached---my absolute biggest pet peeve on my body!)


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Great job. The pet peeve can easily be taken care of with a shaper. They sell them in the underwear section at Walmart for $12. The brand I use is Cupid. Comfy yet controls my tummy and muffin top to give me that smooth look.

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I've been considering a tummy belt...I have a latex allergy so some shapewear I cannot wear. I wonder if a belt (like for abdominsl surgery) would help my posture too?

I am really praying that my insurance will cover some skin removal down the line.

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Great job on the loss. :)


I am having the same problem...My upper tummy has lost 13 inches...my lower tummy has lost 10. While I am still losing...it's not at the same rate. I can also fit into a 14 perfectly in the legs and butt however, it looks similiar to your photo when I try to button it. So currently I am stuck in 18's which make my butt look terrible.


My measurements are


47 chest                 from 54

39 bust                   from 44 

39 Natural waist      from 52

48 lower waist         from 58

42 hips                    from 52

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