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1week check up



Today was my 1 week checkup from surgery and everything seems to be going well. I have one more week of full liquid diet. I am doing what I can to make it interesting. 2 weeks of liquids is not that bad when you think about the big picture. I have read so many comments from users of this site over the past several days and it has been so informative so I decided to become a member.


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I am not in any pain - the first few days were a little painful but each day it gets better and better. I starting walking the evening I had surgery. It wasn't far but it was helpful. The next day I walked 2 times a day and the day I left the hospital I walked 3 times. Walking helps a lot with the soreness. It's been one week since I had surgry and I feel really good. Good luck with your surgery and recovery!!

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Wow!! no pain is great news. Good for you. My big day is tomorrow. Im so nervous and I don't know why. So if you are a believer please pray :-). Thanks

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Newme1484: don't be nervous. It will all be ok. I will definitely say a prayer for you. You will do just fine. I can't believe I'm approaching my second week already. I have not pain and everything is going exactly as my doctor said it would. Stay positive and know that this is a great decision you've made and it will all be ok. Good luck - I know you be just fine :-)

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