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Weight Loss Timeline--?



Is there such a thing as a weight loss timeline with WLS? I am just curious how I am doing compared to others. I know I can look at some peoples results, but I want to see others who are at the same stage as I am. Week 11, weight around the same as mine, etc etc.

Don't get me wrong, I am truly happy at my loss. It's coming off slow, but I look at it in the way that it will last because I am learning as I go what to do and what not to do. I have already seen that by me cutting out sodas, candies, sweets and chips I don't feel as hungry. This things are EVIL!


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Hey Tildy,


I don't think there really is a "NORM" to go by. I have tried to look at comparisons etc. and they are all different.


I had my surgery on 2/6 and have lost a total of 52.3 pounds (from the week before surgery)


I have seen some with higher losses and others with lower losses. I hear it all depends on the surgery type, the starting weight, a persons age and height, BMI, wether or not we hit stalls etc... and then dont forget, we are all humans with different makeups!


The only thing I have discovered by trying to compare my losses with others is that it drives me crazy!

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I'm finding it a personal journey. You really can't compare yourself to others. You can learn from others but your body and mind is unique to you. I try not to compare my loss to anyone's. What I try and focus on is things I can do now that I couldn't do back then like cross my legs.

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