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Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery



Having a successful pregnancy after gastric bypass is entirely possible; my 3 year old son is living proof of that! Many women have babies after bypass. There are some special considerations to keep in mind though.


First and foremost, wait until you are at least 18-24 months post-op before getting pregnant! I’m not saying that it’s not possible to have a healthy baby before than, but it’s not recommended. Your body is trying to heal from your WLS and your weight may not have stabilized before than. Pregnancy is a big demand on your body, and it’s not worth putting yourself and your baby at risk by rushing it before your body is capable of handling the extra nutritional demands.

Making sure to have your vitamin levels checked is something else to keep in mind. Pregnant women need prenatal vitamins anyway, but for us, sometimes that’s just not enough, and it’s good to have your levels checked at the beginning of the pregnancy and again half way through.

One situation that comes up for some bariatric women is the worry of weight gain. Well, you have to gain weight! It is essential to the growth of the baby. I struggled with this some, and at every prenatal visit, seeing the scale go up would fill me with momentary panic. Constantly remind yourself that this is temporary, and necessary, for a healthy pregnancy!

The glucose tolerance test is not tolerated by a bariatric patient (this is the test where you quickly drink something that is basically sugar water and then have blood drawn). My OB had me use a home glucose monitor for two weeks instead of doing the tolerance test. This was a good alternative and worked well.

Being able to conceive easier is one of the many benefits to having bariatric surgery. These are some of the things that helped me have a successful pregnancy after my gastric bypass…above all, relax and enjoy this miracle in your life!

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