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In honor of losing 101 lbs as of this morning, after being stalled for 2 weeks at the -98 lb mark, I have to do it... Prepare yourself for the mandatory (though perhaps trite) listing of random things that weigh 100 lbs.

15 Random Things that weigh 100 lbs:

1. 1 baby hippo

2. The average 13 year old child

3. 50 large tubs Country Crock

4. A 2-month old foal

5. A hellfire missle (HAL-3)

6. 10 bags of flour

7. 10 medium sized bowling balls

8. 12 gallons of drinking water

9. 50 pairs of shoes

10. 5 giant Thanksgiving turkeys

11. 5 average car tires

12. 1 semi-truck tire

13. 3 cinderblocks

14. $45,359 in single dollar bills

15. Miley Cyrus

Today, another goal has been met, and it feels FANTASTIC! Sure, I'll strut with a little more attitude. My chin will be in the upright and locked position, and I might even wear that Vera Wang size 10 tunic I found at a vintage shop for $5. BUT---today is also the day that I reconfirm my commitment to the process and not let myself forget where exactly I came from and how easy it is to go back there. I'm choosing not to wake up from the fairytale.... and in doing so, I'm choosing to obey the pouch so that baby hippo doesn't conveniently come back home to settle in around my midsection.


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is completely awesome and what a fantastic job you've done! Please keep on blogging, love your posts - you really do have a talent for writing you know....

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That is fan-fricken-tastic! I can't wait to get there myself - only 5lbs away! I am going to save your list of things that weigh 100lbs so I can share it when I hit the 100lb down mark.

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Congratulations on that century mark!!! Celebrating with you!!! And I may have to borrow your list! (Though I wonder if Miley knows she weighs as much as a hippo...baby or not!) ;-)

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Woo Hoo! 100lbs is great. I've just challenged myself to hit 100 by January 1st. I think this goal will really motivate me..

I'd love to lose a baby hippo!

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