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Bats in the belfry are getting lonely without my opinons to keep them company....

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Oh, where, oh, where have my soapboxes gone?? Oh, where, oh, where could they be??? For those of you that have happened across one or two of my blogs, you know me to be a rather mouthy gal with a crude sense of humor and an ever-ready opinion already aimed carefully at moving targets, ready to let fly at any moment someone may even hint that they wonder what I'm thinking. Who am I kidding...I don't wait until someone asks....I let the opinions fly and land where they may. Who was it that said, "Never explain yourself. A friend doesn't need an explanation and an enemy won't believe you anyway??"

Now that I'm officially on anti-anxiety medications.....I'm noticing that my sometimes overwhelming urge to inform any passersby of my opinions.......is lacking, lately. While this might seem a noticeable IMPROVEMENT to those around me.....I think it may be starting to bother me. Maybe.

After all, I'll have no idea who I am without my opinions.....but the house IS much more quiet. And, I guess I really should acknowledge the fact that I feel like I'm more at peace with the planet. Usually, I'm either overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Lately, I'm just.....um.....whelmed. I guess it's not a bad thing. Should I be worried that I don't even have a strong opinion about no longer having strong opinions??

Oh well.....I'm thinking maybe a vacation from the soapboxes is okay for now. Quiet moments without worry are becoming more frequent....even in the middle of the calc II semester. Hmmmmm....peace. Whoever thought I'd be feeling that???

It's nice, I think. And the only down side I see to it is that the bats in the belfry may be getting lonely without my opinions to keep them company. :) My only response to that remote possibility is IF YOU'RE CRAZY AND YOU KNOW IT, SHAKE YOUR MEDS! *shake shake*

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LOL. I can totally relate! I have a feeling, however, that your meds will stabilize in time and your sassy self will emerge to torment everyone once again! Tell them all to enjoy the silence. And enjoy a bit of yourself;)

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You should really be a writer! I could totally see you having a column in a woman's magazine!

I'm glad that you are feeling peace...that is a hard place to get to.

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