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Where'd all my time go? UPDATE

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Confession: I've been neglecting my blog. Not such a big shocker, is it?


Weight loss continues, miraculously, in spite of all of the stress that currently lives in the house. Slow and steady. But, the doughy bleh skin on my lower tummy seems to be growing disproportionately large compared to the few pounds here and there that I'm losing.

The house hunt in Louisiana continues....you wouldn't believe how few homes there are for rent in the area where we're looking. I'm finally working with two different property management companies down there to try to get first dibs on the right place. Wish me luck.

Anxiety meds......oh boy. Daily headaches for a little more than a week have finally given way to what can only be described as a lessening of my moods. If I'm happy, I'm not as happy. If I'm sad, I'm not as sad. If anxiety is the culprit, the final straw doesn't seem so heavy. I promised I'd give the meds a chance to work, so I'm hanging in there.

Classes and semester projects are becoming the focus of my life for the moment, with the hubby's work hours extending and the girls finally playing nicely together. Study, study, and more study hours. I wish I was one of those people that simply hoped for a passing grade instead of being neurotically stubborn about keeping my A's. I'm thinking that I need to rethink my priorities a bit, sadly.

Food has actually been less appealing, perhaps the unexpected result of the anti-anxiety meds??? I've been struggling, once again, to get in all of my calories. So.....I've been adding some ground beef back into my diet to try to boost my calories at regular meals. Fluids are dwindling, too....I just don't want it. Any of it. Food. Water. Tea. Bleh. It all suddenly seems a chore, when it used to feel routine. Eating and drinking have lost their luster.

And, an ugly thing has begun to happen....I've been sneaking cigarettes during art class and here and there at home. I can't even put my finger on why I want them so badly right now. Not sure if I'm craving the smoke or craving a few minutes to myself. This is NOT GOOD.

I know I'm guilty of a hit and run, but I have a quiz tomorrow that I'm not quite ready for.....


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Yep, I almost went into stalker mode to see where the heck you've been. But I know all about the overachieving personality. I figured you were busy getting ready for your move and getting your A's.

BTW, you wish you were happy with just A's... I know you want 100's ;)

I'm rooting for the meds to work so you can at least pretend to be happy with just A's.

And, put down the cigarettes! I think I am developing an ulcer again and am just beginning to flashback to the months of misery. YOU DON'T WANT THAT! Heck, you don't have time for that!

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