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Stealing a page from a master....

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Since my lurker days, when I stumbled on CassMoxie's recipe to get my surgery approved by Triwest, I've been reading the blogs and the advice of the WLS vets on TTF. Weight stalls and protein and how-to's...OH MY! I never thought, though, that I'd soon be needing and seeking the advice of the vets on regular, non-surgery-related topics that have arisen since the slice....The last two chapters of my post-op life...."Oh my God, I can't stop crying like a wee baby" and "I'm freaking out, do I need a straight jacket".....have been serious wake-up calls.

Life picked up a bullhorn and made an announcement, "Attention....the floor will now fall from under your feet...have you found new coping mechanisms and who will you turn to for advice. Ready, Set, Go!" The funny part is that I never realized how TERRIBLE I have been in the past about asking for help or advice. I've been too....arrogant, cocky, egotistical, and embarrassed to need help. My how things have changed! These days, I drag my blubbering self to the lap top in the office, swallow the ego, and type my life...the good, the bad, the really wrinkly, the embarrassing, the shockingly embarrassing, the catty, and yes, the humbling.

The past few weeks have been a climax of stress in every compartment of my life, as I've well documented in previous blogs. BUT, while boo hoo'ing in my own blogs....I've been true to my past addictions.....reading other TTF bloggers. :) Bugdocmom, whom I've been reading since lurkerhood, posted a blog about stress that has haunted me since I read it. It lends a metaphor to the stress situation: the weight of a glass of water. Basically, the longer you hold onto it, the heavier it becomes, etc... You see where this is going.

Here's the phenomenal part....the part that should've been a logical first step in its childlike simplicity and, ironically, the part that is the hardest to do....put the glass down. I heard a chorus of "Huh?" from all of you worry-warts out there just like me. Yes. Put the glass down if it's too heavy. Even if it's only for a moment, give yourself a break. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Normally, if I'm completely honest, I'd laugh at that advice, brush it off, and say "Easier said than done." But, then....if I were to pass someone on the street, moaning and groaning about the weight of the glass of water that they'd been holding over their heads for days a la Statue of Liberty, what advice would I give them? Yep. Note to self: Hey, dummy, put the glass down. Like I said, childlike simplicity.

Agenda for the day: none. In fact, I'm thinking about locking my school books in the boot of my car, brewing another pot of coffee, and staying in pajamas for a beyond reasonable amount of time. I might even ignore the length of the grass and bask in the sunshine or watch an old movie...or maybe do whatever I feel like doing in the moment....without looking at bills, worrying about tests, fretting over assignments, or cooking dinner. Today, I'm gonna float, without guilt.

Today, I'm putting it down....like the master from whom I've stolen this page....thanks,Bugdocmom! I owe you.....again. :)

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nice! putting the glass down is the hardest part, and then you get...enjoyment! i hope you enjoyed your do nothing day. you deserve it!

I second this!!!

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