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FRIED BRAIN.....valium or sex?

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After doping up on Immodium for the weekend's stomach flu curve ball....oy!....I showed up to take my Calc II test this morning. Let's just say that I've never failed a test....but there's a first time for everything. OUCH! I've already sent the professor an email request to pick my exam up tomorrow instead of waiting until Wednesday. The last thing I want to do is to burst out in tears in front of all of the 12 year old boys in my class. (And we're all now keenly aware of how out-of-the-blue the tears can come, aren't we, post-oppers?)

So, now, I'm a bit brain fried, tummy still woozy...unknown whether its the remnants of the stomach bug or the calc test...and wishing I had a valium to stop my heart from doing those darn flutter kicks. The pouch is definitely a tiny, writhing, hot ball of ouch!

Today, I am definitely the statue, not the pigeon. LOL! And, today, I'm going to put down that darn glass of water until another time (If I'm sounding a little psychotic in this paragraph, please refer to Bugdocmom's most recent blog).........so.......in lieu of sleeping with Prince Valium, which I unfortunately do not possess......

....I'm thinking I'll go and rape the bald guy. He's off today!... :)

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LOL! I knew you would do just fine on that test;) Glad you got the news early so you didn't spend too long fretting over it. I, too, decided to put the glass down for the day... very necessary and effective. And you have a great idea, my hubby is home too...

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hope you feel better soon. becareful of antibotics and gastric bypass. that's how I ended up with c diff cololitis. too many anitbotics then got a bug onto of it. it was a mess . hoping you get well soon and congrats on your A.

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