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update since surgery



haven't written in awhile so i need to update on how i'm doing. i had surgery on July 18, I've lost 30 pounds since surgery. I've been losing weight to me very slowly like some days i wont lose anything and then a few days later i'll lose like 2 pounds. my weight isn't going up so i know i must be doing something good. i usually eat Greek yougert for breakfast or protein shake 16oz snacks are usually babybel cheese lite, sugar free pudding, applesauce, egg whites, re fried beans, or pumpkin seeds. lunches and dinners are usually leftovers or i cook fish, chicken, lean ground beef, beans, morning star burger no bread. finding it hard to find veggies i can eat one i've found i can eat is squash. i haven't tried fruits yet. as of exercise i still have a open wound i have to pack from surgery so no swimming or hard core :(. i got back on my adderall and celexa today and its helped me get up and move. sorry my thoughts are so everywhere having to get this medicine back in my system is really throwing me for a loop.


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Glad to hear things are getting back to normal. I was a very slow loser and then one day it seemed like about 4 months out it just started falling off...hope your wound clears up soon.

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