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Major Update - Very Long



So here I have snippets from my diary - I've been so busy I've not really been online at all. Things seem to be going well. I've had up and down days since starting the soft food stage which I guess is to be expected. So here's my diary entries since last week or so.

July 17th 2012

So this is probably more self inflicted rather than it being me just trial and error at foods. On the last few days of my puree stage - which originally I couldn't wait to end, now I'm not so sure.

By yesterday lunch time I was over the sickness and bloated feeling I had yesterday and last night and had my lunch which was 2tbs of cheesey mash and a WW crustless quiche. I just ate the filling and not the base so about 3 level tbs. That was at 12 and took about 20min. Had my tea about 4.30 - 3tbs minced beef and peas blended with gravy and 2 tbs of the same cheddar mash as had at lunch. That took me about 25mins.

Last night I went to bingo. I was hungry about 8pm after a large glass of fresh oj with water. It was busy so figured it would take 30 min or so - it took 40min actually. The jacket=t potato was too much for me the other day so I thought I'd go for fish goujons and mozerella sticks, thinking of my protein.

The fish was more greasy nuggets than baked goujons I had in mind. I peeled most the batter off and blotted off excess grease. With the mozerella sticks I took off much of the breadcrumb coating and ate the cheese. With this I had 1 tbs mayo 4 thin slices cucumber- skin off and one thin slice tomato no skin. It took me a little over half hour- the entire interval and the first game of the second half.

A little while later I started to feel very hot, bit headachey and worn out, I panicked this was the start of a dumping. I went outside for some fresh air and could feel in my chest and mouth the urge to be sick. I spent ages dry heaving with no vomiting. I only brought up that clear fluid like water is it acid? After that I felt fine - lesson learnt!!

July 18th

This morning I felt fine just tired after my late night. I had half small cup of nescafe no sugar cappuccino with a splash of milk. I couldn't manage any more. Then I needed the loo- I had a bit of an upset tummy, last nights food perhaps? I didn't have anything until 12, my lunch. Same as yesterday afternoon: 3 tbs mince beef and peas blended with gravy, 2 tbs cheddar mash and 1 tbs extra light mayo. Took just over 20 mins and I have felt really sick ever since. No urge to be sick its just there.

Now this is bad I know but, I haven't taken my fastabs properly for a few days. I left some at mums and put my repeat pescription in late.

Was it the 1/2 cupcake wednesday that had me like this for the afternoon and night and the food last night that's got me like it today or my bad routine of taking, or not taking my fastabs or a combination of all?!

I don't want to contact my nurse just yet, I hate being a pest.

To top it all off I've stayed the same for 11 days!!!! I'm not very happy, have I broken my bypass? cry.gif

July 20th

Got me fastabs in capsule form Friday, I got all the way home and realised they weren’t the dissolvable in your mouth ones and was fuming. I figured I'd have to empty the powder inside the capsule onto a spoon and it was gonna be worse than the dissolvable one! Hurrah! They are tiny little pellets in side 1/4 of a tsp I reckon - I pop them in and down they go, no taste no fuss! flirt2.gif

I decided to stick to blander foods over the weekend to try and rid myself of this sickie feeling after eating I've been getting. I've been having porridge, custard yoghurts, milk, scrambled egg & blended low fat cauli cheese. I also grabbed some melba toasts and cream crackers Friday with some phylli light and low fat pate. My word they go down a treat. I manage 4 melba or 3 cream crackers comfortable but, when or if I have a 4th/5th boy do I feel uncomfortable!

I tried the crackers with peanut butter- low fat as I heard it was a good source of protein. Smooth one of course. It went down ok but 10 minutes later I was "sick".

That’s 3 times now I've been "sick" - I use inverted commas because, I'm not bringing up any food. Just clear water and dry heaving. Spend about 20 minutes feeling really nauseous then the "vomiting" and I'm as right as rain, it's so weird!

My mum thinks there's no food because I've not over eaten and it's just something that hasn't agreed with me but, I don’t know.

How is everyone else sick at this stage? Gross I know lol!

Pleased to say after 11 days of staying the same I have lost 3lb! That’s better - not as much as I hoped but a loss none the less. I keep telling myself the 8/10lb loss a week isn't going to happen EVERY week lol.

July 25th

So today I am 1 month post op. I can't believe it already!

I still have no regrets and wouldn't change this for the world. Started swimming again this week - went Monday and Tuesday morning, taking it easy but still managed 10 lengths although I could feel it in my left side so I didn’t push too hard lol.

Yesterday we spent the evening down the beach, it was beaut. Tide was in and the water was so clear which is a peasant sight. Spent 20 minutes swimming to and fro, it was quite hard swimming against the tide but still glad I done so. Took some snacks down. I've started to eat those little salmon snacks. I'm not sure what they're called but they are bite size flavoured cream cheese wrapped in a sliver of smoked salmon. They're so soft and very tasty and protein packed! Score! Also had lots of different fruit throughout the evening.

Woke up so dehydrated this morning. My mouth was sticky and I had a headache - almost like a hangover. I started the day with fresh OJ diluted with water.

My 1 month post op and birthday breakfast was a first half slice of toast and a two egg and low fat cheese and ham omelette! My lordy it was DIVINE! biggrin.gif Took me 30 mins but, I couldn't finish all the omelette. Very happy with that.

I'm still full from it and just sipping on cool water now. My calves are a bit crampy today but, I think that’s the dehydration because I've had it before. Will keep an eye though.

July 29th

Gee today I feel so crap.

Emotionally that is. The last few days I've felt it on and off. I've been fine when I'm on my own or out and about but, when I'm with others I feel crap. Today I feel exceptionally fed up. Everything that people say to me is irritating me, not just today but the last few days.

I've got a short temper so I'm snapping at the kids alot which makes me feel bad, I aplogise after and just explain that I'm tired and feeling poorly and they forgive me.

Just as I'm about to write this bit I'm welling up frown.gif

I seem to be cut off all the time every time I talk to hubby. Every time I say something positive n my front he gives a negative.

I've been looking at holidays for next summer, we haven't got money at the moment but it's nice to get an idea of what we can get for what sort of price every time I've said to him here look at this one he says something flippant and/or negative. Then I just clam up and I'm no longer interested. He then apologizes and then wants to go over it but by then I don't wanna know which irritates him.

There's also things I've said I'm gonna do and he goes oh no you wont, that wont last etc. I think thanks for the vote of confidence!

Ah I don't know whats wrong. He asked me this morning if I feel ok and I said I don't know he said what you mean and I said what i said, I feel fed up up I don't know. He suggested we go out but I said I don't want to and he snapped sarky well then your gonna be fed up to which I gave back yes I will.

I don't think I'm "hormonal" I'm not overly tired and there's nothing else I can think of that's bothering me.

I feel like i want to run away, grizzly, irritable and teary.

Had bit of head hunger that last day or so too which is a bummer. I've fought it away with coconut flavoured options (low cal hot chocolate drink) and juices.

I also haven't got a clue what to eat! I've stuck mainly to crackers with low fat pate and humus. I've had scrambled egg and omlettes. Still blending the meat. Been having melon and bananas with yoghurt and I also tried chicken with salad on my birthday. About 2 tbs salad and 3 chunks of chicken breast grilled with 1 tbs extra light mayo - it was divine! Took about 40 minutes to get down but i really enjoyed it.

I hope this down side passes soon.

July 30th

Today I feel a whole lot better than yesterday thank god!

Dunno what that was yesterday but, I'm glad it's over.

Started the day off early as I worked last night and the morning carer went off sick so I was in for a little longer. It suited me though. I had my meds with a cup of tea at 7am, made sure my lady was comfy, showered and got sorted and breakfast was made for me and my lady for 8ish. I had 3 squares of toast with a scraping of low fat spread, 2 egg omlette with 1 slice of ham cut up into in and 2 tsp of tomato sauce. 25 minutes to eat it. about 9.40am I sipped half a pint of water over the following hour. Had lunch at home which was 3 tbs of shepherds pie - home made with 2 tsp of extra light mayo. I'm now going to have a cup of tea!

I'm planning on getting early nights so I can have early starts like this and get my eating and drinking in good routine!

August 1st

Cant believe August is here! 7 days until my baby girl is 5 and that festive season is getting nearer lol.

Good day yesterday. My 1st night out in aaaaages is on 7th september. Off to an 80s night at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend. Whoop! Bought some gorgeous neon pink wedge high heels for it yesterday from PRIMARK (normal size clothes shop)!! I was so pleased I could get my foot in their shoes. There was so many and my friend and I spent about half an hour or so trying them all on. I've never worn very high, loud, sparkly shoes because of my weight and confidence.

My confidence is something that is majorly on the up and I feel good.

Last night I had chicken noodle stir fry. It was after swimming and I managed the largest portion I have had since surgery - obviously not too large and I stopped when I was full with loads left on the plate. It was delish though.

I also managed to find some french toast crackers. I find these a lot lighter on my pouch as opposed to cream crackers/crackerbread/melba toast.

This getting up early lark has helped loads too. 3 days I've managed to eat a drink well. I was getting up after 8:30 - kids are on holidays and some days have slept in till gone 9am! But it was shifting everything later and later. I'd have my morning drink with meds from 9ish and that would fill me up so I was having breakfast at 11-12 then another couple of drinks which would make lunch be around 3-4 then fluids maybe a snack and dinner was getting on for 8:30 till whenever. Which is never good to eat so late. So since I have been up at 7 it all slots in nicely and I'm eating at good times.

Last week or so I've noticed I cant eat weetabix/porridge/readybrek. No matter how runny I make it I have about 6-8tsps and I feel slightly uncomfortable so I don't have it. I'm not sure whats causing it because on the stage 2 diet and first week of stage 3 they were all fine.

I'm a little concerned the last week or so I have noticed cramping in my right calf. The last couple of days it has been REALLY uncomfortable. So much so I've had to put my leg on a chair to ease it. I thought it was where I had gone back to swimming but, it hasn't got any better or eased off at all. It has just been in the calf up until yesterday evening. It's in my ankle and front of leg too. Hubby massaged it for me last night which helped temporarily. This morning I went swimming and every time I pushed my legs out my ankle twinged. No I've got aches in the left leg and can feel the right calf very mildly starting to twinge. Anyone else had this?

So there we have it my update - I wont stay away so long next time lol! I've uploaded some pictures of me today too. A couple before surgery and ones from today. Comments welcome!biggrin.gif

Hope everyone is well xx


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