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1st Post Op Appointment & Start of Puree Stage



So today I had my first post op appointment. My wounds are healing well and Tamara the nurse was very pleased with my progress. The hospital weigh in confirmed my loss of 16lbs since surgery! bliss.gif very happy with this.

Talked my worries over with Tamara about the puree stage. She just assured me to start slow and it's trial and error from now on. As long as there are no hard lumps I should be fine.

I’ve had quite a dramatic day! So I've not managed to get my correct intake at all.

I've only had 1 cup of milk, 1/2 custard yogurt 1/2 small cup juice 1/4 mug tea. So this evening I made mashed potato with garlic & herb phylli light and made it creamy with plenty of SS milk. I had 3 TBLSpoons and ate really slow. I chewed every teaspoon and it took me about 20 minutes. I didn't feel full but I didnt have more. About 45 minutes later I was still feeling hungry - real hungry so I dished up another 3 TBLSpoons I could only eat a third of the bowl - a small child’s fifi flower tot bowl. I am full now and satisfied - it was sooo good haha!

In the morning I am going to have 1 Weetabix with sweetener very runny and will attempt a scrambled egg at lunch.

After a terrible morning I feel good and positive again after my visit to Homerton - I always do!biggrin.gif

Hope all are well. Love to all x


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