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Another Day Another Issue



Not been a bad day today. Got quite a bit of housework done. My wounds are healing nicely and I dyed my hair and was pleased with the result. I feel good. I'm noticing the change in my face, my legs, my wrists, my back and my sides lol. It's nice seeing the subtle changes.

Today I had chocolate milk (low sugar powder & S/Skimmed) with my morning meds and found myself so busy I hadn't had any "meals" until about 3:30pm. I really felt hungry by then. I had been sipping water and fresh OJ through the day but my tumbly was definitely rumbly lol. I had one of those Ambrosia custard pots.

My issue today is I seem to be getting through things at a quicker pace. I really try to make a point of taking my time. I'll have a bit, put it down, wait, pick it up, have another bit etc but, I'm finding getting to the bottom quicker than what I did last week. I'm not so much worried as maybe slightly concerned that I haven't or don't know if I have got that full feeling? Do we get it at this stage? I thought I was getting it last week. A couple of times I felt a little tweak just at my breast bone and to me that was a sign to stop and I did. Although I haven't had it since. I'm still using 8oz cups maybe once or twice I've pushed to 9oz. I don't know if this is too much or just right or not enough. I don't feel hungry after I eat and I'm quite happy with the amount I have.

Maybe it becomes clearer when you start to build up?

Any one got any advice? Thanks in advance as always.

Hope everyone is well, much love xx


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It sounds like you are doing wonderfully. You know, I am two months and a week out and I can say that you will feel a full feeling. I have learned if you don't stop at that full feeling, you will cause yourself pain and possibly throwing up. Each persons body experiences foods and drinks differently. I have thrown up from drinking too fast, or from eating to much, or from not chewing enough. What is great is that you are listening to your body. That is the best thing you can do.

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Just a suggestion: But try to eat on a schedule and I kinda stick to eating similiar food. Especially in the beginning. Your not suppose to wait until you feel hungry. That was a bad habit I had pre-surgery. It wasn't that I was a food addict. I had servere diabetes where I would have blackouts in public. I would wait to eat until I felt sick then I'd have to eat everything I could get my hands on until I felt my sugar levels come back up. But my nutritionist says to eat small portions but often and on a schedule. The water should be with you at all time when your not eating this also helps with the hunger. Good Luck you'll find what works best for you.

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Thanks Aries I'm trying, must remember to take it slow lol I keep getting rolling air which is alerting me it's going down too quickly.

2nd time I'm gonna do my best in getting an eating routine to see if that helps. Thanks guys

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