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A Good Day



4th June 2012

At last today I have felt nearly normal!! biggrin.gif

I am so relieved to be able to do my house chores and play with my son and do tea without feeling exhausted or sick. I admit I did have a lie down with my son at lunch time but that was just to watch Robin Hood. Every two minutes I got "Mummy? Are you asleep?" "Not yet" then a kiss planted on me lol he's 3 my boy love him.

I managed to get washing on, out on the line, folded and put away. Dinner on, served and cleared away. Managed to bath the kids and put them to bed. Made packed lunches ready for tomorrow. I'm pretty pleased with myself because the way I have been feeling the last few days that is somewhat of an achievement!

So i am positive today, my wounds are healing nicely, I've had no pain *touch wood* and my toileting seems to fairly normal again lol.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at my daughters school, it's not until the afternoon so hopefully I will feel ready and well. Friday my daughter has asked to go and see the Olympic Torch Relay along the seafront, I have agreed and signed her permission absence slip for school and said as long as it is not raining we will go and find a spot. Friday night my Father-in-law is over for dinner as usual I couldn't not have him over because he has agreed to make me one of his amazing shepherds pies for my purees next week. We've planned - again weather permitting- to head over to the park we newly experienced on Sunday and I suggested fish and chips for hubby, Father I.L and the kids - I'll be ok with a posh soup lol.

All in all a good day and getting back to me normal self!

Hope everyone is well x x

5th June 2012

This morning I feel a bit shaky and light headed, I got a lot done without any fluids to start. That is just normal practice for me - I've always got the kids sorted off to school and done a couple of chores before I've even thought about breakfast. I guess I'm gonna have to rearrange that! I'm now sitting with my breakfast milk as I dont have any slimfast left that I like and the plan for today is:

9am Have meds with milk. Take some sips of water.

10am Have an hour or so kip

11am - ish shower and dress. Have milk.

12pm Venture to the supermarket! :unsure: Dreading this slightly but, I need to get some fresh juice some more soup, milk and slimfast and of course a few bit for the family.

1:30pm Pick my son up from nursery

2pm Attend school assembly

3pm Home & Settled

Fingers crossed it all goes swimmingly!

Have a good day peeps xx

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