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End of Week 1 update



Today I have woken up feeling a bit sick. I'm hoping it's just a combination of being tired, getting up too quickly and the remaining air moving around. The pain on my right side has really gone off now it's only every now and then. I feel relatively normal. I still haven't had my bowls open even though I have been taking the laxative the hospital gave me so, I will ring them tomorrow.

My wounds are itching like crazy - dressings due for a change tomorrow but, I did them myself today as after I showered they were full with soapy water! I figured this would not be good left over the day and tonight, I'm a care worker so I do this sort of thing often.

I find it really hard taking my meds. I've never been able to take liquid and soluble meds but, I have really been trying. The last couple of days though it's been really hard. It takes me ages, I feel full for ages after and I'm starting to heave with them. With the calcium tablet I take I only put minimal water in to get it down asap. The fast tab I let dissolve on my tongue then wash it down with a sip of squash and the same with the milpar? (the laxative.) The vitamin drops are AWFUL so I mix them with a tsp of yoghurt and brush my teeth and wash my face lol. I don’t take the peppermint water because it actually made me sick and the Dr said not to take it - I don’t feel I need it anyway and the soluble paracetamol is a no go. I have coped without but I picked up some calpol fast melts for adults.

I did my weigh in this morning and I'm somewhat please to say I've lost 8lb this week - I say somewhat as I expected more - how ungrateful is that! On the plus side I haven't been in the 22's for years!! So no actually I am happy lol.

I'm not getting as much fluid in as I have on my recommended meal plan. I just can’t do it, I think I get the full feeling I'm not sure. Sometimes I get a little twinge just at the top of my ribs so I don’t finish the cup of what I'm having, and the other reason is fear of overfilling or damaging my pouch. I'm using a children’s plastic cup. Not sure how many ounces, I think its about 8 when its right full but, I get about 2/3 of a bottle of readymade slimfast in one so it can’t be that bad.

I was doing well with fluid intake on days 2/3/4 when it was tea, milk, NAS squash & clear soups. I've been struggling the last couple of days.

I've been struggling taking my soluble meds it takes me ages and I dont feel much like "eating" for a while after. sigh.gif

I've been having:

Around 9am-ish 2-4floz NAS squash with 3floz dissolved calcium tab, 1 fast tab, 10ml milpar.

1 and half-2hours later 8floz slimfast/ flavoured milk for breakfast.

12-2pm-ish 8floz of flavoured soups either cream of or one with bits in sieved so just the liquid.

about an hour later I was trying 6floz activia pouring yoghurt thinned with milk but, this has been making me feel a bit queasyjelous.gif and funny rumblings going on so dont know if this drink is allowed lol.

6-7pm-ish same meds as morning.

An hour later 8floz of another soup

9-10pm-ish 8floz milk - flavoured or plain.

I've been sipping water here and there probably a couple of oz.

Anyone got any idea is this is along the right lines? rolleyes.gifThat’s my 1st week. I don’t think it’s too bad. Just need to get this meds thing sorted - if anyone’s got any advice would be much appreciatedtongue.gif


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Sounds like your doing alot better than I... Congrats to you!!! I have not taken any vitamins yet.. I'm only on a clear liquid diet.. But snuck a small bite yesterday, no harm done.. I didn't feel bad and it didn't upset my belly. I'm drinking lots of crystal light, I've had plenty of jello and Popsicles ... I've had broth but that's it. I think I've lost 12 lbs so far.. That's more than I did while on my pre-op diet.. But then again, I cheated daily.

I have lots of pain on my left side, I have a total of 3 incisions there as well, that's where my hernias and belly were removed from. Im sore moving around but I'm doing it.. I hate the feeling of feeling helpless and I'm just so ready to move!!

The one thing I've noticed is that I'm already loosing lots of hair... That really concerns me. Stitches come out Tuesday so well see what the dr says then...

Continue the good job!! Your doing great!

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So glad you are doing so well. Have you tried Hartley's sugar free jelly, I lived on them for days after surgery. Also, marvel powered milk (lots of protein), I added it to drinks and homemade soups, it was an easy way of getting my proteins. I still use it now (nearly 9 months out). I have never taken any protein shakes as my dietician and surgeon believe you can get all the protein you need from a healthy diet.

You sound as though you are doing brill, well done x

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