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Hello!!! Firstly let me begin by thanking EVERYONE for your kind messages and words of support it has all be very comforting this week and much appreciated thankyou!thankyou.gif

So I am now 5 days post op! Already. Starting to feel normal-ish lol.

I went down to theatre on Monday 25th June at around 10:40am. We had been at the hospital since 06.35am and I was all kitted out by 7.20am. So was a little bit of waiting around. Time to meet the anaesthetists and Mr Koak popped by. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I wasn't at all nervous - which still amazes me. I had slight concern when the consultant anaesthetist I believe it was said there could be a chance that a bypass wouldn't work if my insides weren't long enough so they would perform a sleeve. Something which I hadn't had time to prepare for so I was somewhat hesitant, although gave into the idea - no point going under for nothing. rolleyes.gif

So waiting around I thought I'd probably go down at lunch time and settled to read a magazine and relax - as well as doing my exercises lol. Then the ward nurse appeared and said "Ana would you like to follow me they've called for you." OMG here we go! I was still totally cool. I had a tiny flutter in my chest as we walked down the corridor but hubby was more nervous than me. Got to theatre and we had to wait around for a little bit. Tom (hubby) was a wreck where as I was laughing and joking and so ready. Just before 11am I was told they were ready so I said my "see you soons" to Tom and told him not to worry and off I went. wave_cry.gif

There were so many people in the room. Two ladies in the top left corner, my soon to be (at the time) Physio in the bottom left corner. Two Dr's either side of me (once I had got onto the bed that is) and a few around the foot of the bed. A few pleasantries were exchanged between us all and I was still feeling good. There was a struggle to put the cannula in my left hand, there normally is with these things, and the Dr said let's just get her off to sleep then we can sort it. I had the oxygen mask put on my face and was advised to take deep breaths in and out. I thought of my kiddies and could feel my eyes well up but, instantly snapped myself out of it. I closed my eyes and that was that.cool.gif

The next thing I knew I was being wheeled along a corridor and Tom was standing there and said "Alright Anna" I remember nodding and waving sort of I think haha! Then I was on the ward and asked what time it was and Tom said 5 O'clock! Wow that took hours! I remember telling Tom to take a picture, he was hesitant but I insisted, I want every moment captured. I remember Dr's and or nurses saying the op went well, Tom was saying he was glad I was ok and would let me rest. I remember the wind pain in my chest - really uncomfortable. I remember saying I was in my own room and remember the faces of the staff around me.

Next thing I knew I was awake and I text a couple of people just to let them know I was ok, I also had some dry mouth spray and went off to sleep again - I think. I had obs during the night and they were going on about me having a high temperature and antibiotics should be started in case of infection. I said I felt fine and not hot at all but, when the nurse put wipes on my head legs and arms I could feel how hot I was. It felt like I was sitting on a radiator full blast, next thing I'd dosed off again. I remember waking in the night with pain and the nurse giving me an injection which sent me straight off to sleep.

I woke Tuesday feeling rough but less pain and temperature still high. Dr's and nurses visit and Mr Koak - all said the op went well. No one said why it took so long - not that I asked though. I was getting some fluid down but not much. In the afternoon I started to feel sick, my second dose of peppermint water took me over the edge and I was sick. Then everything I was taking orally was coming back up. The dry retching was hurting and I felt exhausted and I slept for ages. When my physio arrived he said my chest sounded clear and we walked around the ward and to the door - this was when I realised I was on Thomas Audley Ward! Tuesday night I was still feeling nauseas, still high temperature but less pain. Tom and my brother came to see me which was nice. Think I managed a bit more liquid overnight and gradually felt better.

Wednesday was still feeling sicky but not as bad. A Dr advised not to take the peppermint water and wanted me sent for a chest x-ray. I also had to have a couple of "septic tests" during the day to rule out infection because my temperature was still high. I managed much more fluids today squash, tea and clear soup, it felt much better. Tom came up and we walked to the front of the hospital and sat outside for a bit, I didn’t realise how hot it was weather wise! I grabbed a latte from Costa and it went down nicely - well a third of it over about an hour or so lol! I told Tom not to stay late as he looked as exhausted as I felt so he left a little earlier.

Thursday morning I felt the best I had! I slept really well and I was moving much better, the sickness had gone off as had the wind pain - even though it was leaving from both ends lol. The Dr said I could leave today which topped off how I was feeling. I showered which felt great text everyone and arranged with the ward nurse that I would be leaving at the 4-8pm visiting time. She said this was perfect as it would give time for my bloods to come back and make sure I had everything I needed to leave with. I walked about, had squash and tea. I pottered around my room when lunch turned up. I figured I'd sit in the chair with the table across me and watch the T.V. Just as I settled the ward nurse rushed in and said “right you can go now I need 8 beds and only have 2." This was at ten to 1. I was quite taken aback and exclaimed "NOW!" so she said that I would be able to wait in the discharge lounge. This had put a bitter taste in my mouth from the excellent treatment I had had every other day. The student nurse looked sympathetic at me but, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t have time to change or have any soup or anything.grumble.gif The porter turned up just as I had finished sorting my bags out. I put my bags onto the wheel chair and walked downstairs. It was a horrible stuffy room which became over crowded. I got tired and ratty and nearly upset but, Tom turned up just in time!

Since I've been home I have felt very tired. Yesterday and last night I had really bad pain down my right side - only when moving - it felt like a tightening but, I can’t handle the soluble paracetamol so am suffering it. It is better today but still there. I've also had the worst yellow fur tongue! It's awful I brush my teeth so much.

Today I feel better, not so tired and I haven't had a nap. Fluids are going down well although not as much as is on my "Example Meal Plan" but I'm getting there. My wounds are itchy which I presume is a good sign!

I can smell everything so intensely but, it's not making me hungry which is a relief. I don’t feel hungry at all. I think I got my first feeling of fullness today - I think - so I stopped drinking my soup. It takes me a good 20-30mins to get my meds down and each drink is about the same.

I have had no regrets, no "what have I done?", no doubts. Just an eye opener that it's a shame it came to this but, this is my second chance at life.

I've not weighed myself yet, I'll do that Monday morning. On my pre-op diet I lost a stone!! I was so pleased.

So thanks again everyone!! Here's to the new us! xxx553.giftalk017.gifwinner.gif


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Thank you so much for sharing !! What great detail !! I am so glad to hear that you are doing well so far ! Since you have lost a" stone" I am going to guess you are in England , maybe ? :)

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