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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We'll Start The Day Tomorrow with a song for two, one two!



Mister Rogers, I loved him, he had an aquarium, he had puppets, he went on field trips! Tomorrow is the day I elect to allow another person to enter my body and change it permanently. Why? because the volume allowed today is not what I need future forward. Growing up, sure, I needed that nutrition, not now, I'm done Growing, physically anyway :-D

The journey is what I will cherish! The reflection, the new found commitment to Me, without guilt! Self forgiveness and love!

Thank you to You, you all for sharing your struggles, your tears, your encouragement, your joy and triumphs!

After raising three children, plus two of my second husbands, with seven grandkids and counting, owning a small business, obtaining my bachelors degree as an adult, finding the love of my life online, 14 years ago, when everyone thought those guys were ax murderers.....I got this!

To do: love myself, forgive myself, embrace myself, encourage myself....and only then give, for then I will have it to give!

Signing off,....till Post Surgery!!:-)


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