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Ah what a few days it has been, My pre op liquid diet started so well, I wasn't phased by food at all. Sunday gets here (fathers day in UK) and BAM! I can smell food everywhere and i WANT it. I have still persevered and not given in once. I licked my finger the other night after doing the kids dinner ; I placed a juicy burger on a plate and natural reaction was to lick the grease off, I licked and immediately was like S**tttttt (excuse the profanity) but, of course that's not going to damage anything lol. Then today doing my daughters dinner (my son has dinner at nursery Monday & Tuesdays) I nearly so nearly nearly popped a teenie piece of cheese in my mouth but stopped just before it touched my lips! Lol dear me I have never been so aware of food. I'm presuming its a good thing! I'm more aware so able to control. All good :P

Tonight was a first for me! I went swimming alone! :eek: It felt good! I worked much harder than what I do when I'm with my mum, I dont know what the difference was but I worked hard, tired now but to be expected - I will sleep well,

More temptations! I picked my brother up from work after swimming - the pool is near his work and he lives near me. He came out of work hungry and he works right by KFC drive thru!! :unsure: I knew that's what he was after so offered to take him. Initially the smell was killing me, my brother is a wind up and ALWAYS has been, we're always at each other! So he was winding me up, it lasted all of about 5 minutes or so until I slammed on the breaks (i made sure it was safe to do so) and went watch it don't drop it! Lol he soon stopped.

The deal was this evening I would go swimming and hubby could order a pizza and watch England game alone and not feel guilty about eating pizza infront of me. I phoned him when I left the pool to check he had eaten but oh no! He was just about to order! Jeeze! I was not a happy bunny but hey ho the game took priority...as did the beers. I got in and its lucky I'm not a lover of pizza, the smell was mighty strong but I had my last glass of milk and boiled the kettle for my oxo cube "soup" and jumped online this has satisfied me so I am saved lol ^_^

Bought my last bits and pieces for my hospital bag today, cant wait! 6 sleeps and I'm there! Whoooooo

:wub: Best wishes & love to all :wub:


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Loved reading your blog. In no time, you will be back at home recovering and on your way to a new and improved thinner, healthier you!!! Way to withstand all the temptations you had to encounter today. It will be worth it in the end.

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