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Pre-admission Appointment.



Today had a couple of appointments at Homerton. One was a pre-admissions. Checking my general health and that I am healthy for surgery. After a lot of waiting around getting ecg's, blood tests and other checks I was "approved" to commence with surgery.

This afternoon was a group session. This was all about the pre and post op. 3 out of 4 of us have started the pre-op diet and 1 hasn't yet. We were talking about receiving our dates over the phone and how soon it is lol.

I feel more ready than ever now. I have been advised on minimum time limits for the "eating" process after surgery. My question was if we stay on the liquid diet longer is that OK? Of course said the dietitian - as long as your getting the correct intake.

Me? Asking to stay on a liquid diet for longer lol! Well I never. Still I'm pleased with myself, I've finally managed to distinguish the difference between head hunger and actual hunger. I am appreciating the smell of food! I take pleasure in the smell of food at the moment and it has been satisfying me. I've not been tempted either!

I know its only been 4 days on the liquid pre-op diet but, I really did think I'd be struggling. I thought I'd be starving hungry and would be "cheating" but NO! I haven't been and I've not even once been tempted to cheat. Sure it's crossed my mind that "mmmm that smells good, just a little piece" but I keep it as a....shall we say "fantasy" lol. Soon I will eat and I WILL savor EVERY mouth full. No longer will food be a habit for me. I am going to keep it as a pleasure and really taste and actually eat what I put in my mouth. I am not just going to stuff it in without tasting it or appreciating what I have made or what has been made for me.

I am looking forward to starting my new life. I don't feel nervous, there aren't any niggling doubts. I am ready.

:wub: Best Wishes and love to all! :wub:


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I wish I had your willpower. I'm on day 3 as I started late And day 1, I ate a piece of donut, day 2, potatoe chips, today another piece of donut.. Not half just a pinch but omg in starving!! To make things worse everything the kids want just make me drool.

The boy wants pizza ... Seriously? Pizza??? Omg

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Aww bless ya hun, what pre-op diet are you doing? it might be different over here, I'm in the UK. I've just been drinking plenty of water, spacing my milk out and I am allowed 3 pieces of gum a day which I have cut in half so have 6 pieces...kind of lol

Stay strong, you've not veered off the beaten track, YOU CAN DO THIS! x

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Wow congrats!! That is great.. I am two weeks post op and I had the 14 day diet. It was ok the first 4 or 5 days and then it got really rough. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack the same thing for 14 days. It was hard but I am diabetic and I knew when my blood sugar fell below level and I had to eat something. I wish I had your will power. Bless You!!

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Thanks Kcheek! Congrats on being post op! Cant wait to join that side! It must be hard being diabetic, my close friend is type 1 and cant believe how I am doing it lol. I came to the conclusion last night that it must be the fact its just milk and water all day that is making me more aware of the smells and getting that feeling that I will from now on appreciate every mouthful! About time lol

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Hey Ana - great post! I have my pre-op clinic appt on July 25th and I am very nervous and excited for all of this. I decided to try one day of the liquid pre-op diet to make sure it wouldn't trigger a migraine (I'm very sensitive to things) and was very happy to find that I wasn't hungering for things and no migraine. I can't wait to hit the 2 week pre-op mark to start following the plan, it will mean one more step closer to my goals.

Thanks for the inspirational post!

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Thanks sunflower! Glad you liked it =)

Thats my birthday! haha, So pleased for you your so close! WIsh you all the best - keep us posted

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