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Last Supper!



So tonight is my last night of "eating" before I start my two week pre-op diet tomorrow. Eeeekkk!

I've ordered my favourite takeaway - really naughty! Medium chips and medium mixed donna kebab lol tut tut! I slowly made my way through the chips and got to my favourite part the kebab, I was nibbling at it like a mouse. An hour later and I havent really touched it! I cant believe I've not eaten it! I've not really eaten much all day I think from the shock and another emotional triumph (see below). Whats wrong with me? Am I just passed the food thing? I'm not too worried about it now, it's on it's way to the bin and I'm all geared to go ahead with my pre-op diet tomorrow - milk based. Wish me luck!!

I've mentioned before about my so called best friend of 10 years and her lack of support through this journey for me. I have today found out some hurtful truths about the person I cherished as a best friend for 10years!! So today I publicly burnt that bridge down! I feel good for having done so now. I was upset earlier because the thought of "my best friend" not being there for one of the most important changes of my life hurts.

I have recently made a huge apology to an old friend who I was somewhat inconsiderate to a while back and this last fortnight we have picked up where we left off a few months ago. She has been more than supportive and I feel lucky to have her by my side again.

Thats all for now :P

:wub: Good luck and best wishes to all :wub:


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Best luck with your surgery, I am just begining my journey! I too am begining to find out who my real friends are. My so called best-friend of 31 years doesn't have time to talk when I need to talk about what I am going through right now with my changes. Although when she has ever wanted to talk no matter what I was doing I was always there for her. I guess I had to learn the hard way. From the time you did your Seminar to get to the 2 wk pre-op surgery, how long did this actually take you?

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Thanks finer! I will keep you posted. Remember though no pain no gain!

Lisa thank you too and welcome on your journey!! I hear you loud a clear and feel your hurt, don't fret over it, you are on an amazing path and you wont need "friends" like that.

It might be different for me as I am in UK and we have a national health service which is how my surgery is being funded. I was first referred a year ago with my first hospital appointment in September '11 it was quiet until my multidisciplinary team meeting in December. Psychological appointments in February and march then signed off from psychological aspect last month. Was told two weeks ago to expect a time span between July-August but the hospital were concentrating on people who live in the area because of the Olympics. Hospital is in London I live in Essex about 40+miles. Had a phone call yesterday to say a surgery date come up and because my weight loss was going so well they've picked me. So it seems to be a bit less structured and more of a "lotto" selection so to speak.

Let me know how you get on, All my appointments are in my blogs.

All the best

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