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My surgery DATE!



I feel like I have been waiting for surgery my whole life since this process has begun.

Since last having spoken to the co-ordinator at the hospital I have been impatiently waiting for a surgery date. I was advised it could be between july-august but they were concentrating on people who live in the area because of the Olympics. I presumed to myself it would be in October possibly but definitely this side of Christmas.

Every day for the last two weeks nearly I have been waiting for a letter to come through wit the date on but, nothing has arrived.

This morning I had a withheld number call me on my mobile. I didn't answer never do with private numbers. Then my landline rung too again private number so i let it go on to answer machine I heard "Hi Ana its Diane from homerton, can you please call me as soon as possible I have left a message on your mo...." I picked up, made up an excuse that I had not quite made it to the phone in time. She said to me that a date for surgery had come up and because i had done so well with weigthloss it would be the 25th of ju...( i thought she was going to say July!!) JUNE. The 25TH JUNE 2012!!!! I have an appointment of 11.10am for pre admission on the 22nd. I of course said yes that would be great. I was advised an email would be sent over with all bits i need. I accepted gladly and was happy. I told hubby and he was a bit taken aback. I then looked at the calendar again called my mum and she squealed with shock but was happy. Then, I burst into tears.

Why? I kept saying I wont die will I? I'm scared, I want it but I dont want to die. Hubby got a bit teary and hugged me and said I dont have to do it, I know I know I can pull out at the last minute. It's just so soon, I've been waiting so long and worked hard, and expected a date to be given more formally not just over the phone.

Shock. I think thats what it is, I text mum to say i cant stop crying and she called right away asked if I was ok, I said yes I think just shock its so soon.

I've calmed a bit now. Just said to hubby this time next year I be slim, compared to what I am nnow and again cried, How long have I wanted that!! To be slim!

OH MY GOD!!! Monday June 25th 2012. The first day of the rest of my life!! (teary again now)

Love to all xx


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