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Yesterday I emailed the bariatric co-ordinator as planned after my preparing for surgery group session.

I just said that one of the nutritionists had confirmed that my funding had been approved a little while ago and that I was just literally waiting for a date. So I emailed just asking what sort of time frame I would be looking at. Waited all day for a reply, every time my phone bleeped with a new email my heart skipped a beat but not one was from the hospital. Come 5 o'clock I figured I wouldn't be getting an answer until Wednesday at least! NHS staff, from my experience, don't tend to be about at the weekend and Monday & Tuesday are both bank holiday days because of the queens jubilee, how inconvenient lol!

This morning my phone bleeped and it was an email from Homerton!! I was so shocked and excited and what followed had me even more overjoyed?! This is the reply from the co-ordinator:

"I am glad you enjoyed the session and you will be hearing from us in the next few weeks with a surgery date. Please let me know if there are any dates you have booked annual leave so I can avoid those. With regard to timeframe for surgery we are now booking July and August but please be aware that during the Olympics we are assuming it will be easier for more local patients to be booked for surgery."

OMG OMG OMG!! :P:lol: Soooo happy with that answer! I figured that would be so about the Olympics, one of my worries was do I drive up there or get the train if I had an appointment during the games.

What IF my date IS the 3rd of October! I previously mentioned in a blog that I had a vivid dream about having surgery and it was the 3rd Oct. Haha! If that's so I will DEFINITELY be playing the lotto!

:wub: Best Wishes to all :wub:


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Hi Anna,

Sorry for not being in touch but a lot going on and a lot to tell you.

This is great news and it looks like we will be have the op around the same time....ya

Will drop u a like to update you on progress, however and for you this is great news. Well done girl.


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Wait a second. I need clarification. Try to avoid scheduling during your annual leave? What does that mean? Take your vacation and then take time off for surgery? How cool is that? The mindset at my job is "feel free to handle any and all medical issues on your lunch break". Joking, but not by much ; )

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Lol no Wednesday, as nice as it would be wouldnt it!! :)

They've asked me before, its just to let them know if I have any holidays or days booked that I cant do, although I do have a holiday booked and a night out arranged in august (both) I am willing to sacrifice either so have told them I can do any time lol

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