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Appointment Update......Approved!



So todays appointment was:

Appointment Type: Bariatric Pre-Surgery Follow Up Appointment

Consulting Clinician/Team: Bariatrics - Preparing for Surgery

It was a group session for just over an hour and it was with a dietician and a nutritionist. Basically going over a bit of what we did at their first appointment. Expected diet after surgery, dumping syndrome, foods that might not be able to eat, physical activity guide lines etc etc.

There were 6 in the group and I was the youngest, again! Not one of us had received a date for surgery yet but, one lady said she received a letter last week stating that they aim to give her a date between June-August!! Oh my I hope I get that letter!

I actually asked the nutritionist today about my case, I explained that no one has actually told me that yes I have been approved for surgery and that attending all these appointments I just presumed I had. Thankfully she has put me out of my misery and informed me that I am literally just waiting for a surgery date!! My funding was APPROVED a while ago!! :D:lol: Excellent! Nice to be told lol.

My worries from this morning are over, I HAVE lost weight since last weigh in, a good amount too! Updated on ticker. so pleased with that.

Tomorrow I shall email the co-ordinator and just ask how long she thinks I could be waiting for a date for.

Hope your all well!

:wub: Best wishes :wub:


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congrats!! knowing you are approved is such a relief!! just keep following their plan and your day will be here befor you know it! good job on the weight loss too!!!

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