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'My Big Fat Fetish' Documentary of BBW's and Gainers.



I've just watched a documentary on fat being a fetish. Big jiggly belly's being and I quote " a weapon of sexiness"!!

How is this so? I have craved my whole life to be slim. Never would I or could I imagine what I look like now to be at all remotely sexy!

I'm shocked at what I've seen, I felt very tearful at one point but I can understand why to be honest.

Half of me admires these women for their confidence and pride in their weight and the other half is in disbelief.

Some of the ladies aren't that big to me but, I think that's because of my size perception. Some of the ladies are 40 stone plus (620pounds) and wanting to get bigger.

How is it that there has been generations of a mass desire to be slim and fit in and now being largely overweight is on the brink of becoming less of a taboo.

I know centuries ago it was the bigger and more voluptuous a woman the more desirable and wealthy they were or appeared to be but surely even they had a limit?

It's not so much the size of these pretty ladies, and they are pretty but, the health problems and the restrictions on day to day stuff that I and I know others on TT long to do.

I wonder if part of me is some what jealous of these models. They've taken what I feel excludes a person from a normal part of society. They have embraced their size and put it to a positive where as I cant, mine's all negative in regards to my weight and size, it always has been and will be until I feel I am comfortably slim.

I'm not sure why I blogged on this lol just thought I'd put it out there.

I wonder what everyone's view is on it all?

:wub: Best wishes t all :wub:


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Well, I have never craved to be thin, and have always been very comfortable being fat. I have had a husband, boyfriends, lovers....admirers. Maybe it is because I have been comfortable in my own skin. Being a fat girl, you cant have a relationship is you arent. You cant hide your fattness, so embrace it. and I did.

and the truth is, I am more uncomfortable with my body as I lose weight. I find I am still wearing my big clothes and feel most 'at home' in them.

I had WLS because of my health, not because of a desire to be thin. I was quite happy with me as a size 22.

So, I loved me. And I am struggling to like the me that is not so much anymore, and everyday is less.....

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I wish I had the same outlook as you sometimes,

I guess I want to get rid of the weight because I dont want health problems later on in life, I want to be able to run around and mess about with my kids without getting ridiculously out of breath or my belly slapping lol :wacko:

I think where I live has an impact on my outlook too, being fat is still a big stigma and there isnt a lot of people who are as big as me or bigger, so I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.

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I watched a similiar show recently and I think the most appalling thing was that the woman never really said she liked being as big as she was but that she really enjoyed the attention from the men she was with. The "fetish" the men feel about these larger women is really disturbing to me. If they are attracted to the confidence and curves of a heavier woman then fine, but to want them to get even bigger and bigger while they (the men) stay at their healthier weight is crazy. I also think that very very thin women are unattractive and most men find a curvy woman more attractive than an ultra thin woman. Unhealthy is unhealthy no matter what weight you are. I think this the ultra thin attraction is just as disturbing as the overweight attraction. If you don't love the person for who they truly are inside and out, then you don't really love them. You simply "lust" after the way they look and what appeals to you.

Regardless, I made this decision because I want to be healthier and enjoy my family! I am a very confident woman, I own my own successful business, I manage 5 PT clinics and employ 5 other fantastic women. I maintain my family's budget, keep the house up and have a very open approach to life in general. While I don't neccessarily feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I want a better quality of life. I want to ride bikes with my grandson, I want to be able to go to the theme parks and enjoy myself, I want to be able to fit in a airplance seat without sweating to buckle my seatbelt. I think that even though I am comfortable with who I am now, I will only be more confident and outgoing once I am at a comfortable weight. I can't wait!!

Sorry for being long winded!!

cupcakelover.. Although I would never judge you, I truly hope that you find that you are still you with or without the "covering". The things that make you feel comfortable, the clothes, the weight, etc. aren't "you". They are simply what covers you! You are a beautiful confident woman and no matter how much weight you lose, you will always be that same person inside without the layers! That is my approach to this weight loss journey =) Good luck and remember to find something to smile about everyday!!!

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Great post Tonibugg! Thanks for your input it was good to read :) I can relate to a lot of it, which i'm glad that its not just me that feels like that.

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I have a good friend that modeled for the Adipositivity Project and her photos where completely beautful but when she asked if I would meet with the photographer I chickened out. Twice. Even though I can see the beauty of these women, I just don't see myself that way. I guess I am generally shy because I couldn't see posing nude at any weight. The truth is, I envy that kind of self confidence. I don't find the fetishism too bizarre because well, who is too understand what turns another person on?

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You know hat wednesday thinking about it I dont think I would do it at any weight either. I'm still quite shy around my partner of 6 years, which is ridiculous, he saw me give birth twice for crying out loud but I just cant help but shy away ya know lights off, top on, covers over etc etc lol, It sounds so silly writing this but its true. Then trying to imagine what I would be like after surgery and if I get slim would I actually be any different?

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