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one more thing to have approved and i can have surgery



so i have everything done other than my appointment with my nutritionist and my EGD. i have even been told to expect surgery late may or early june. well this past week i got some bad news. i have to get the OK from my psychiatrist. even though i have already gone through psychological sounds simple enough to just ask my doctor to fax a letter giving the OK. but my doctor has personal feeling about this surgery and has brought up looking at alternatives(which i have looked into and tried). i see her for ADD and anxiety. i have also talked to her about changes i have made. so i feel i am fully ready for this step. but what worries me is she will deny me just because she doesn't believe in the surgery or she doesn't believe in me. i'm suppose to talk to her earlier next week. so pray that i get my ok. i would be very sad to find out all this preparation for surgery would be wasted all because of one person's decision.

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Lydia, I happen to work for a group of psychiatrist/psychologists and I can tell you that they are very human people with their own sets of predjudices. I too have heard their opinions on WLS which is why I have no clue how to share what I am doing with anyone here at work. I think when you are talking to your psychiatrist you should be firm and reiterate that you have done a great deal fo research into this option versus others. Tell her that you have undergone the psych evaluation and that you expect that she will support you in this endeavour. Keep in mind that she is stil an MD, just with a specific area of focus and that she of all people should be in support of your efforts to be healthier. If she does not support you, I'd say it is time for a new psychiatrist.

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