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Officially Six Months Since Surgery

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:rolleyes: I am happy I have made it this far with relatively no problems. Initially it was challenging learning to take in less food and managing my allergies but I have come to the conclusion that if you do everything they tell you, it will be easier than trying to reinvent the wheel (which is what I tried on my occasions) :blink:

I am officially 82lbs down. I am officially five sizes down, :o CRAZY RIGHT.

At six months your weight loss progress decreases. Now the challenge is I notice that I eat more and sometimes when I am not hungry. So I have to make sure old habits don't creep back in. NO MINDLESS GRAZING. Not too many carbs. I am making a conscious effort to cut back and recognize if I am eating because I am hungry or bored. B) I must keep my focus so that I can reach my goal of 100lbs down by June 20, 2012.

I will keep yall posted :P


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Old habits are what I worry about most. Like I always say, it took zero thought to get to 250 lbs but for the rest of my life I must be thoughtful of my food intake. It's a lot of work but it's the most important work. You're 82 lbs down, WELL DONE!!!!

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